: Getrag lands Navy contract..

02-13-07, 12:23 AM
Due to Getrags success of the differential in the cts-v. The US Navy granted them a four year contract designing Torpedo guidence drives. You can watch the first test here;


02-13-07, 12:37 AM
Not to piss anyone off, or start a battle, but I believe Getrag told GM the diff wouldn't work :thepan:


02-13-07, 01:23 AM
It's not Gretrags fault that g.m. picked one nof their v6 diffs for our cars.

The Tony Show
02-13-07, 07:44 AM
^ yeah that.

Getrag makes some badass stuff, but GM chose a part that is grossly underrated for our application. Not Getrag's fault.

02-13-07, 11:34 AM
Word on the street these days is that you guys have almost the exact same diff as us. Id like to compare em side by side. That shit is whack if its true! :want: :thepan:

02-14-07, 12:20 AM
I have a V diff and a regular CTS diff (3.2L) on the shelf...not much difference at all.

Surprisingly, mine is still holding strong with bi-weekly :burn:


02-14-07, 11:04 AM
Awesome WW! Glad to hear yours is holding up nicely. Thats stupid as shit for them to use the same diffs. At least it gives me a little more confidence in my diff. Now Im not nearly as afraid to do some high hp mods in the future.