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02-12-07, 05:52 PM
I did some looking in the forum and couldn't find an answer so here goes.

I was rotating the tires with the rear up and tire off and noticed when I grabbed the big white front GM cradle (TSB bushing) that I could move it easily. Is this OK since there is not much load on the suspension with the wheel off or should it be torqued to 195 lbs with no movement?


The Tony Show
02-12-07, 09:30 PM
It shouldn't move, even with the wheel off. Tighten those ASAP.

Lindsay Cadillac
02-13-07, 06:14 AM
That's normal... Those bushings (GM TSB bushings) fit loosely in the rear cradle mounts. You can still move them even after the bolts have been tightened to the proper spec...

The Tony Show
02-13-07, 07:43 AM
:eek: Really? Shows what I know.... Guess that's why I'm a salesman, not a tech.

D'oh! :banghead:

Lindsay Cadillac
02-13-07, 08:07 AM
:eek: Really? Shows what I know.... Guess that's why I'm a salesman, not a tech.

D'oh! :banghead:
Well, when you think about it... You wouldn't think they should move, but they do...

Of course then they wouldn't make noise and we wouldn't want that now would we... :bighead:

03-16-07, 09:52 PM
are the tsb bushings a different material? are there any harder bushings that can replace the stock ones? i hate that slop

03-17-07, 06:19 AM
What maintains the pressure on the bolt has nothing to do with the bushings.
The bushings are a loose fit, as James said.
Inside the mount itself cast into the rubber, is a metal sleeve. The bolt goes through the flat washer and that hits the sleeve on the bottom and the floor pan area on the top. When you torque the bolt the sleeve is tight on the flor and the washer but the bushings just fit into the gaps in the mount to keep center part with the sleeve from moving around.
The Spectre bushings are VERY tight and shouldn't move, but the GM TSB bushings are much thinner and just sit in the holes.
If you suspect the bolts may actually be loose you should check them, but it is normal for the bushings to move.

03-17-07, 08:17 AM

http://www.cadillacfaq.com (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/)

03-17-07, 01:23 PM
Oh and there might be something about it in the FAQ ;)