View Full Version : PIE GM10 AUX in 98 Seville... Not working

02-12-07, 05:48 PM
I just got a PIE GM10 AUX input adaptor for my 98 Seville. It's supposed to plug into the changer wire in the console.

When you turn the radio on, all it does is say "CD CHANGER INITIALIZING". It never goes past this point. Has anyone else tried this product? 95-01 Seville is listed on the package. The company said it just may not work. I wonder why they'd put that car on there then?


07-31-07, 11:04 AM
They took the Seville and Eldorado off the list now. I got mine to work for about 3 weeks. unfortunately it stopped working and the method I originally used is not working anymore.

My method-- unplug CD changer, turn on radio (no CD Changer Icon available). Then plug in the GM10-AUX with the AUX source playing audio through it's inputs... it will blink then lock on solid. It may not sound--so you change sources and hopefully it will stay on and you will hear it. If you get it to that point it will stay on until the next solar weather event strikes the earth.