: New to the Forum....

02-11-07, 10:40 PM
Hello everybody,thought id introduce myself.They call me freekwood.I just found out about this forum you guys have some really great looking fleets.
Maybe ill see some of you fleetwood guys at the ISSCA nationals in St. Louis.

http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/35/70fe491d8703ed9626270518725dba35.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/860752/picture-hosting/fleetpic-3.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/68/14668b5f9a71feac2d6c6f50c637ec68.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/860753/picture-hosting/804702404107-0-bg.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/6c/e6edab05a94ae36161002105df0d8e6c.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/860754/picture-hosting/714702404107-0-bg.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/45/60fcaa247446d1f9cda245ebc8d01245.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/860755/picture-hosting/grill.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/af/b82518775abdf65feaa3552fa3133baf.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/860756/picture-hosting/mid-emporia-car-show-5-20-06-007.php) http://images3.pictiger.com/thumbs/e4/f875108fac3783a5dbbb9e496d88d7e4.th.jpg (http://server3.pictiger.com/img/860757/picture-hosting/showletter.php)

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02-12-07, 09:42 AM
Welcome, beautiful Fleetwood!

02-12-07, 12:24 PM
Nice and clean!! Welcome.

02-12-07, 01:45 PM
Welcome! Great looking Fleetwood ya got there, love that billet grille!

Lord Cadillac
02-12-07, 03:16 PM
Nice Fleetwood and NICE rims! :) Welcome...

02-12-07, 04:36 PM
Nice Fleetwood, what size rims are those.

Old Fleetwood
02-12-07, 04:46 PM

Glad to see another member with a Fleetwood.
She looks real fine!

02-12-07, 08:14 PM
Nice looking Fleetwood! Gotta' love those last generation RWD's.

Does it throw good heat? My '89 has been at the garage since last Tuesday. We drove my '83 Coupe DeVille on Sunday and you could have cooked camp-style over the defrosters. (Me thinks me put the snow tires on the wrong car...) BUT... THAT car was supposed to have seen it's LAST W-PA snow, LAST YEAR!:alchi:

02-14-07, 09:29 PM
Yeah that grille is NICE!!

02-15-07, 06:00 AM
Welcome aboard! Nice color. Enjoy the forums.

JRau in central Iowa

02-15-07, 08:11 PM
welcome man, beautiful Fleetwood. :welcome:

02-20-07, 07:15 AM
Great looking fleet man!! What size rims are those and what are the tire dimensions?