View Full Version : Question about the display screen in the 07 lades

02-09-07, 12:24 PM
Someone told me that the screen plays dvd if its in park. Is this true I have not tried it yet, someone at my store when I buy my stereo equipment.

02-09-07, 12:48 PM
Yup, 100% true. :)

02-11-07, 03:15 PM
Yup, 100% true. :)Show

wow so how can you bypass it to play all the time. I asked the guy who sold me the car and he said that it was not true. So the navigation screen plays dvd's

02-11-07, 04:00 PM
when its in park it could play dvd up on the front headunit.
order for you to watch full time you need to get a GMLOCKPICK.
i have one on my 07 and it works perfect.
there are vendors here that has those contact GM_Geek:rockon: