: XM for 2002 STS

02-09-07, 11:48 AM
I wanted to have installed XM radio to my 2002 STS w/Bose. Is there a kit thta will utilze the existing Bose Tuner so that I won't need an extra hed unit and other stuff in the cabin? I already hace a Roady II but don't wan't all teh extra wires and crap .... must be a more elegant installation ... Oh and one that doesn't cost and arm and a leg .. Any advise/hints


02-09-07, 12:02 PM
a search would of answered this question immediatly
and look right above your post, it is stickied...
have a nice day....

02-09-07, 07:55 PM
Yes, look for an "XM Direct" kit.
I installed one in a Seville not long ago, it was easy and it works great with the factory radio.

02-10-07, 09:12 AM
Thanks, but it would appears as if these are for 05 and up (Audiovox/Terk website compatability chart does not include an 02)... sooo I would imagine that CadillacETC1997 direction from above may be teh "brigde between the direct kits and the older models ...

02-10-07, 11:42 AM
buy that kit
use the instructions above
and to use xm you simply change your bose player to the changer source and youll have xm.