: tire rotation question

02-08-07, 02:55 PM
I was at the dealership having oil change. anyway, service advisor asked me if I want to pay few extra $$ to have my tires rotate, so I said sure go ahead.
later on I was doing some work at the other caddy dealership and was talking to one of their techs about possibly lovering my car and getting some new wheels and tires, and tech guy told me that there is no rotation option on STS, because tire size is different from the front and rear. I checked on mine right away, and they are different.
I'm sure GM did that for reason. if I go same size all the way around, is that really going to screw ride/performance/etc. ?
thanks in advance for input
ps: this is really scary. when service advisors who used to work at Hondas/toyotas/or what ever dealerships, get a job at the cadillac place , and we end up having something stupid done at our cars :bomb:

02-08-07, 04:50 PM
What sizes are on your STS? If you have different wheel sizes, that poses a problem because then you have to buy 2 new wheels.

Performance changes? It depends on what tires you have now and what you want to go to.

I know my V has wider tires and rims on the rear than the front so if I went to narrower tires on the rear performance absolutely would suffer.

02-08-07, 05:27 PM
my stock whees are 17 inch all the way around
tires are
that's how they came when I bought this vehicle.
now I bought stock STS 18 inch wheels, so I assume tires are going to be different too.
thanks for input

02-09-07, 07:43 AM
Hmmmmm. Interesting sizes. I can see the wider on the rears but they seem smaller rotational wise since the profile is lower.

On your 18's you bought, are all 4 wheels the same? If so, just get 4 tires the same and get them in the 255 width range.

Maybe the front of these cars does not allow a certain width of tire so they put skinnier tires on the front but leave wider ones on the back for good traction. Interesting.