View Full Version : Does anyone have the broadcast code?

02-08-07, 09:45 AM
Does anyone have the broadcast code for the following ECM's?

1990 4.5L
1991-1995 4.9L

I am wanting to look at working on a PROM for one, but need a starting point.

I don't have the car anymore, but a friend has one, but it is for sale, do I don't know how long I can use it to work on it.

Is there anyone who is interested in tuning the 90-95 4.x V8's?

02-21-07, 04:25 PM
Anyone have any VINs for 86-90 307 Olds powered GM cars?

Or 90-95 Deville 4.5/4.9L V8?

I am trying to get a chance to look at a PROM dump of them.


03-05-07, 02:37 PM

RE: the 1990-95 4.9 PFI, I may me interested in doing some tuning down the road sometime, not a priority for me immediately though. I do not have the info you are requesting, but I have a copy [somewhere] of the ALDL 8192 datastream spec for this engine that was done by someone else a while back that I found online while working on something else.

This may reveal the broadcast code you are seeking. I will try to track it down (it should be on one of my other computers that has been temporarily mothballed) and send you a copy if you are interested once I find it.

BTW, What kind of PROM is used in the 'lac 4.9 PCM? I assume a 27C256 or 512 as would be standard for a GM unit? Just curious.


03-05-07, 04:40 PM
I don't know, I don't have a 90-95 car anymore (I had a 91).

Being there is so little interest I can see why it wasn't cracked.

I might work on it if I can get some time and something to work with. Mainly I need a PROM dump to start with.

03-06-07, 11:21 AM

Doesn't seem like many people are too concerned about doing this application. Mostly the Fiero crowd using it in their cars, though I'd think those with older eldo's and sevilles that had the 4.9 would have some interest. Mine is a Deville, and while I'd like a bit better fuel economy (which can probably be achieved by other means), I know it'll never be usable as a "high-performance" vehicle so I'm not looking to hot rod my car.

Now, if I could get 10-15 extra HP (realistically) without killing the fuel econ, I'd probably do it. As it is, I am satisified with the engine performance on this car. Plenty of power and torque to spare, and I'm not racing it so PCM tuning isn't a major priority for me, even if I find the prospect interesting.

FWIW, I have been thinking about getting a PROMmer, as I am wanting to dump the IPC firmware to see if I can do some mods there. If I get one, I'll dump the PCM prom and send it to you. Of course, that'll probably be a few months from now, with my current budget.


03-06-07, 12:25 PM
I would appreciate it. A friend of mine just picked up a USB powered PROM burner, so it doesn't even need external power. Slick.

I forget how much. If I had the PROM I could read it on his, or even maybe here at work.

03-16-07, 11:25 PM
I think I have some binaries from 4.9's..... interested in one in particular?

03-17-07, 12:36 AM
Any, but ideal would be to look at a std gear one and a DTS one.

I am hoping to get some tuning in at the Des Moines meet, but I doubt I can crack it all by then....

03-17-07, 09:20 AM
AYFP... I think it's a 4.9... might be a 4.5... it is for the 2240 though

Trying to figure out how to upload it.........

Also have an ATTL which is from a 90 seville