: 1999 DEVille Stereo Upgrade ????

02-08-07, 02:21 AM
Wassup, Caddy peeps ?? I called the local dealership yesterday and asked what caddy stereos would be compatible with my 1999 DeVille stock am/fm cassette system, UL-1. He told me that a UR-1 with RDS would be compatible but from reading these forums I thought that any stereo with Bose on the face and cd player is not compatible as well as those RDS stereos with cd player ??? I have seen 1999 RDS stereos that have the Bose name on the face and some that don't. Are both the same ??? Can I use the one without the Bose on the face ??? And is there a difference between active audio and Bose ??? The guys at the dealership could not tell me and frankly did not know what I was talking about. Any help would be appreciated. Thanxxx a million....

02-08-07, 05:52 PM
dealership will only say what was factory offered for your car

if you have an external amp in your car
then a bose hu will work...