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02-08-07, 01:13 AM
Hello i'll start out by sayin i have been a caddy lover for a long time now. I drove my first FW when i was 13 and i have been hooked ever since. got sidetracked by gas misers for a while, but got back into them last year when i bought my first resoration. a 1976 FWB 60 special, 502 cube motor, drove it round my area for a couple weeks to get the feel and parked it for the resto. I have a 91 toyota tercel that i just finished up a killer stereo in (i know ugly as $hit) so i drove that through the summer. Also have a Geo Metro vert that i transplanted a modded suzuki swift gti engine into (+130 hp/1400lbs) that kept me driving happily. well i saw that summer one of the best looking 1991 FWB my eyes ever seen. Was my neighbors new purchase (rich fuk) and i was jelous. so i was outside the other day and he signaled me over while he was in his drive. He had a message to relay to a friend we both know, we got to talking and he mentions that his friend is moving south and he needs to get his car out of his pole barn (15+ cars), but has no where to put it. Needless to say i asked if it was the FWB and he says YES! So i put it on him that i had a real interest in the car, on and on about how he should hook me up for what i have done for him, and talked him out of it for 2k!

Need to get her all polished up b4 pics but she is a Pearly white 1991 FWB with a new dark blue cloth top, e&g grill, e&g continental kit, Interior has been redone in the same color blue but softer fabric and silver piping, custom 30"x18" sunroof, junk aftermarket stereo (base clarion cd/tape 2 din, phoenix dig 6x9's) "hatin the rims but shiny" 15" craigars (feels stones being thrown!) gettin changed come summer! 82k miles, and only one rust spot (repainted, but very pro. job). Remote start, alarm with shaved trunk lock and remote trunk popper. only has the 307, but i have done tuns of engine transplants (20+ and only 23yrs old!) and know where to pick up built 350's cheap. Tranny shifts very smooth and has quite clear tranny fluid. No shaking or vibrations, all electronics work perfect. Custom 2.5" exhaust with a very very low rumble, but not loud whatsoever. Was a florida car so on the lift at work it was no supprise to see "no rust!" Been drivin a caddy for daily commute for the first time in my life and it feels GREAT! The change on the peoples attitudes to me on the highway are MUCH different then driving my little econo box's (metro only gets respect with 9200 rpm engine rips). So far i am estatic about the lac, and see what all the luxury is all about. feels sooo good rolling on the highway. Gettin 19mpgs so i aint feeling it in the pocket too much, defiantly worth it.

I have been a frequent visitor to this site for a little over a year. Now i reallly see why it was created! Can't wait till the 76 is PIMPED. i'll post some pics of my beautys as soon as i get some time to clean up my 91, then get the parts back from crome on the front end of the 76 (1st step in PIMPstoration)

shout out to yall!

02-08-07, 01:17 AM
Welcome! can't wait to see pics.

Cadillac Giovanni
02-08-07, 01:19 AM
Not sure if I condone the "pimping" as it were, but welcome to the community, all the same, and I do hope you rather enjoy your automobiles.

02-08-07, 05:54 AM
If its a '91 it has either a 305 or 350 Chevy not a 307. Good luck with it.:cool:

Old Fleetwood
02-08-07, 03:55 PM

and don't forget to post pix of ALL your Cadillacs.
In fact, why not some "Before" and "After" pictures?

Good luck

02-11-07, 10:07 PM
OK, got her shined up today at work. Din't have my camera on me, and couldn't fina any good backrounds their, so i didn't call up my delivery girl ;-)

the 76 is pretty tore up right now, almost all the external chrome trim is off, wating for replating, and rust convertor to stop the rust is blasted on/around all the rust spots. Parts are all piled inside the interior. But she still runs!!!

tomorrow i have some time i will find a good setting and get some killer pics. Lovin her so much!!!

02-11-07, 10:13 PM
Howdy! :welcome:

02-11-07, 11:49 PM
We both went through similar transformations when starting to drive the Lacs...........2K was a killer deal for that car too man!