View Full Version : i have never seen something like this in my life...

02-07-07, 11:12 PM
just came across this ebay add for some super swampers... but look what they're on....


02-08-07, 12:04 AM
Wow, that is totally unreal, I was in disbelief!! Anybody who does a Lac like that should be shot on the SPOT!!:tisk: I actually shed a tear over that poor Lac....
--Geno TL

02-08-07, 12:10 AM
That's life, just remember things like this for when you go on your killing spree.

02-08-07, 12:20 AM
Start my first post out on this thread seems logical.

as i see three triple blacks roll past this place ready to light this disgrace up.


what a disgrace to a car, but a LAC?????

hello all

Cadillac Giovanni
02-08-07, 01:02 AM
Shoot me if you must...

But I think that's pretty cool.

At least it's more unique than the hack job "pimp outs" every Joe Sweatsock and his brother is putting on their caddies.

The only thing i have a problem with is the tasteless sticker on the front window.

02-08-07, 01:02 AM
Better than some things I've seen done to them. At least the body lines are preserved. Still, I'll just politely assume that the bodywork came from a Caddy that was damaged badly and that it would otherwise be destined for the scrap heap. I find this, while still something of an affront, better than sticking a tiny set of wheels on it.

02-08-07, 01:08 AM

02-08-07, 01:30 AM
well i think it looks weird.. but ok. if it had 35's on it it would look better. I saw a black limo with a lift kit on it with oversized tires and it looks better than those lowered cads with the rediculously big rims i hate. well i come from the area of california where most of my friends have lifted chevys. my cadillac is staying down low to the ground where it belongs

02-08-07, 01:40 AM
Yeah, problem i have is, i have seen chevy vega's(megavega), Montecarlos, etc.. done up the same way. It isn't hard to do at all but is totally the opposite attitude as to what the car potraits. Those cars were made as an all purpose car is, do what you want to make it better at least! Trust me i am open to weird designs as i am rebuilding my previous geo metro from just shoehorning in a suzuki swift gti modded engine to, adding a new engine with big boost (18+ psi it's sleeved) + nos (315whp/1400-lbs) and drivetrain to accomidate (lsd/4.19gears/big CV's). But to do this to a car that has a specific purpose and a rep for it why go through a drastic change to make it something it never was. NE ways the first post was a joke. still get a giggle out of the mental picture i get from it though.

02-08-07, 07:25 AM
Thats to the point where its comical.

02-08-07, 11:49 AM
I've seen such things before. I kinda think it's cool. I hate to think that someone took a good classic Cadillac and did that but lets assume that they used a bone-yard car that wasn't really fixable.

02-08-07, 01:46 PM
They usually don't.

02-08-07, 02:20 PM
i was going to get an old 86 limo and lift it... the limo was complete crap and it was falling apart. for $750 and a cheap lift kit with some bald oversized tires and you've got yourself an old beater that no one forgets when they see it

02-08-07, 02:41 PM
mabye he wanted a luxury off roader and couldn't afford an escalade :alchi: