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02-07-07, 09:11 PM
I've had my 2006 STS-4 since September of 2005. It has just shy of 24,000 miles. Here's a list of the problems I've had with this car in the last 17 months:

- Failed airbag system, requiring a replacement of the airbags and the wiring harness (took several weeks and several visits to fix)
- Broken seat back behind the driver's seat - caused by inept service fixing the airbag issue (took two visits to fix properly)
- Differential leaks (took two visits to fix completely)
- Broken and rattling glove box (door is fixed, still rattles sometimes)
- Broken plastic seat base on the driver's side by the seat controls - TWICE (it broke again last weekend as I plopped down into the seat)
- Flaking vinyl on the driver's side arm rest, not near where I rest my arm
- The start of a tear or blemish on the leather-wrapped part of the steering wheel. It just showed up one day last week and feels rough to the touch. I expect it will only get worse.
- Various rattles inside the car, all of which are marked "cannot reproduce" by the dealership
- Replacement of the front brake pads at about 19,000 miles.
- Replacement of the rear brake pads AND ROTORS at 21,500 miles.

I still really like the car though, but I can't take the constant failures of little things here and there. The best trade-in price I could get for this car was $31,000, on a $65,000 sticker. How sad is that?

Anyway - I just had to vent a little. From reading the posts on this forum it seems like I have most of the major problems reported by various members here. It's weird how much I still like this car, though, and how much I will miss it.

Benjamin Simon
02-08-07, 01:20 AM
Thinking of selling? I am in the market.
I am sorry you are having problems. That does not sound fun.

02-08-07, 05:52 PM
Yes, I am. Drop me a line at jkain_2000 at yahoo.com.

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02-10-07, 12:58 AM
wow only 31,000 from 65,000 car thats horrible. wish you luck in your future car purchases. hopefully my moms sts doesnt mess up and have those problems. so far in my moms sts of about 5 months ownership, we have the center console coming off literally coming off from one side. also the door pillars are starting to come off and the shifter is lose since day one.