: IAC or ISC

02-07-07, 04:22 PM
Sorry to ask this; my service manual is at my parents' home. My IAC (or ISC, not sure which it's called) seems to be causing a small problem. Sometimes when I start the car and it's very cold out (especially this past week, it's been below 0* every time I start it), the car dies on me, unless I give it a little gas to keep it running. It starts right back up fine though. Also, I've noticed that if I'm idling in a parking lot or something and turn the wheel, the idle drops more than it should, and the car struggles for just a 1/10th of a second before it resumes a better idle RPM. Am I on the right track in thinking it's the IAC? If so, is there a method I can use to clean it and get it to work better? This isn't a serious problem by any means, but it's one I would like to eliminate.

02-07-07, 05:10 PM
Sounds normal to me for that cold of weather.
I have a 87 Brougham and it doesn't like to idle at startup when it's that cold...of course mine has a carburator.
As far as it pulling the Idle down while turning the steering wheel in a parking lot.....Check your power sterring fluid level.
It will cause that if it's low.
Another thing you can try is to...take the cap of the power steering filler cap....get in the car and turn the wheel all the way to the left,then right...a few times.
That will force any air bubbles out of the line :)