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02-07-07, 10:34 AM
My local dealer (the one who sold me the car) is horrible at servicing it. They cut as many corners as possible. For instance I just dropped it off there again for a slew of concerns: flaking radio buttons, clunking differential, broken motor mount, etc etc....This is the second time Ive taken it in for those 3 things.....What pisses me off is that they keep "patching" the car up instead of changing the items which need to be changed. For instance painting the flaking buttons with some cheap paint that doesnt even match...and the stuff smudges off on my finger IMMEDIATELY after pulling out of the dealership. They wont give me a new diffy, and instead keep i guess fixing it...or trying to....When I went there yesterday, they had my exhaust off, and were grinding or doing something that made a loud grinding noise RIGHT WHERE THE DIFFY IS....what were they doing??? Anyone have any ideas as to what I could do ...other than drive to a distant dealership.

My car more than qualifies for lemon law the amount of time its been in the shop. Thing is Im 22, and don't know the first thing about implementing something like this. I also get looked at with no respect at all the dealers I go to. My car is certified - does that qualify it for a Gm buy back lemon law type deal? or am I screwed. Because undeder Florida law used cars cant be lemond...but then what does certified mean??? What sort of pull do I have because its certified. Do I have any chance of talking with GM, winning my case, and having them replace my V (with one of equal mileage and value) because of all the issues Im having with this one??? Sorry if this is long, please try to answer most of my Q's....thanks mucho in advance....

02-07-07, 10:45 AM
I don't know about all of the questions but I can offer this...first of all what dealer is it, make it known to all of us. Not the Lake city dealer is it? Have they ever replaced the nav unit for the buttons? Just curious on that one but it should be replaced. As far as the grinding, just tell them you want to know what they are grinding. You have the right to know what is going on with 'your' car. The other issues I am not sure of but good luck!

02-07-07, 10:49 AM
Proctor cadillac sucks. You guys will love this: I have the salesmen who sold me the car take a look at the paint on the passenger side (which I now know has been repainted as I had it looked at by 3 paint gurus - when he sold me the car he assured me everything was original paint blah blah) I show him the spot Im refering too, he then takes his hand and proceeds to push somewhat hard and rub back and forth about a foot across my paint (I hadnt washed my car in 3 days) so he proceeded to rub the sand and dirt buildup into the paint successfully scratcing my car even more. THANKS PROCTOR ....The dealership in Gainesville (brasington cadillac - who are awesome) has replaced my whole nav unit about 6 months ago for the same reason (flaking buttons).

02-07-07, 12:04 PM
where are you located in FL?

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02-07-07, 02:29 PM
Noone can offer any insight/ideas/or help???

02-07-07, 02:37 PM
What do you want everyone to say? The paint thing deserves to be fixed right no questions asked. If you pick the car up and the buttons are not fixed to your liking, don't take the car home, make them fix it right.

As for the other problems especially the diff, you might want to try a more friendly dealership that will listen to your problems and try to actually fix your diff. Plenty of people here have had them replaced, you shouldn't be rejected on it.

As for lemon law, that usually on is applicable in the first year of ownership on the car, not on a used car. Caddy certified should come with paperwork, read that and see what your rights are.

Not sure what else to tell you. Sorry.

02-07-07, 02:39 PM
Noone can offer any insight/ideas/or help???

Call the dealership and ask for customer service. This will usually prompt a call from the service manager and better service for a short while. In the end it is what is crappy service and not going to get better unless the dealership changes hands. Then you have a 5% chance it will get better. :(

02-07-07, 03:41 PM
YEP, I know this place all too well myself. Bought a brand new 06 V from them, took it to them to have the CAIGS installed, it now will go into reverse at 100 mph and has no back up lights, but still goes straight into 4 th gear. then I took it to them to have the UUC shifter and bushings installed. they had no idea how to do it, I had to send instructions to them over the internet. also told them I was concerned with how much oil it was burning, they told me to take the car to the lube shop and have them check it. and while they had my pride and joy, they SMOKED in it!!! it still smells. ohh and they chose the had route to install the shifter. (under the car) so PLEASE AVOID this dealership and spread the word!!!!!

02-07-07, 03:49 PM
Give me all the info. with phone number of the dealer please as I am pretty close to them! When I am up that way I will actually stop in and really let them have it without letting them know about this or you guys at all! :lildevil:

02-07-07, 05:17 PM
LOL, youll scare them Brian....but do it anyway, I dont like these people. Its as if they don't know how to treat a nice ride - they shoulda stuck to buick olds and such.....Proctor Cadillac / Proctor GM / 850-878-3173 / Tallahassee, FL

02-07-07, 10:24 PM
It may be a bit of a hike for you, but go back to Brasington in Gainesville if you can. They have replaced my differential twice and done numerous minor fixes with no problems or hassle.

02-08-07, 12:53 PM
I am having similar problems with Massey Cadillac (specifically Sanford Massey). Every time I get my car fixed there something else happens in the area they just fixed. The last time I had to replace a bushing, a week later I am hearing hishing sounds coming from the rear end but nothing noticably wrong except this sound that happens when you drive. I take it back in and they say I have a punctured gas tank. I say "OK order me one and I'll bring it in when it arrives.", they say "No problem." Now remember there was nothing visually wrong that morning or at any point up till the time I took it in. The bring it around for me to leave and gas is pouring out from under the car at about a gallon per minute. The service agent immediately says "I can't let you leave in this, it's to dangerous." Well no s**t buddy it wasn't doing this a few hours ago.

Everything goes south from there and I end up leaving in my leaking car, because they were not wanting to explain the problem or pay for a rental. A week later they still have not recieved the gas tank that I prepaid for and begin to tell me that there are no tanks available, so I would have paid for a week of a car rental just to find out that there is no tank.

So I take my car to another mechanic to verrify what is wrong and call the complaint department. The only thing the Cadillac Complaint department offers after discussing it with Massey is paying for the rental up until the day the tank arrives but not on the day of service, and I have to personally pay for a tow truck to bring it in. Now remember that there was not gas leak before I took it in, so that wasn't a good enough offer. So I tell them to keep their offer, because I don't trust Massey to fix the problem and they would not let me take it anywhere else.

My mechanic finds that the heat shield between the drive shaft/exhaust and the gas tank are constantly rubbing together because someone pulled the heat sheild away from the tank actually rupturing the tank where the heat shield is held causing a massive leak. Can someone say "lawsuit?" I call Massey to cancel the tank and service I prepaid for and told them I would never bring my car to them again.

I get a call back from Cadillac Complaint Department to follow up. I explain everything, ant they make no offer to do anything to change the situation. I tell them that I will no longer do any business with Massey or with their complaint department. A week later I get a call from Massey's Service Manager and his first words are "I was asked to give you a call." My reply "I don't know why, I stopped doing business with your company a week ago." His response "Um, OK." Than silence, so I said "Bye" and hung up.

A week after that they still had not refunded me for the tank, so I go to the dealership to get my refund and they spend 2 hours telling me they can't give me a refund for various reasons before a guy in parts actually gets me the refund. That guy in parts was they only person there that actually wanted to help me, too bad he works at a company I'll never go back to.

Well here I am a month later and no gas tank exists, and I am waiting for the manufacturer to make one and send it to GM so they can send it to the chevy dealership that my mechanic is ordering through. Needless to say I am not happy, and my former roommate just started a private law firm and they are ready to jump all over this, so hopefully I can get something to reimbruse me for all of this.


02-08-07, 01:16 PM
tell ur roomie with the law firm, im down to jump on the bandwahon for a class action, this is ridiculous, these companies are getting away with murder - putting out a POS low quality product that they then refuse to properly maintain and service the vehicles when they have problems. FU GM. Never have I seen a car going from being so praised and liked to being the shit on the bottom of my shoe. And its not bc of the car itself (bc obviously a 4dr vette powered manual is wonderbar), its bc of the company's response, attitude, and the ability and throughnesss of their service centers.

02-08-07, 01:33 PM
I mean my cars been in for major service for 3+ days like 4 or 5 times since ive owned the car for a little more than a year

02-08-07, 02:07 PM
And its not bc of the car itself (bc obviously a 4dr vette powered manual is wonderbar), its bc of the company's response, attitude, and the ability and throughnesss of their service centers.

That is exactly the problem. I don't care how much the car costs me to keep running because I love it. It's the lack of "professional service given to Cadillac owners" that makes me sick. There was even a quote on the wall about how they strive to give the great service that a cadillac owner expects. I plan on getting a picture of that motto for my lawyer.

The Tony Show
02-08-07, 02:18 PM
What's up Kelsey! I haven't seen you in forever, man. Heck, I think last time I saw you I was still driving my V6 STS :shhh: .

Sorry to hear Massey's treating you like that, but it's not the first time I've heard stories like this about those chuckleheads. You know you're always welcome up here.

02-08-07, 02:41 PM

Hey, Tony! Yeah it's been a year since the last time I logged on this site and about twice as long since I took my V to Plaza for service and if I could get it 50 miles to Leesburg without having to stop for gas 2 or 3 times I would.

Unfortunately I didn't follow my own advice inorder to save a few dollars on gas and 30 extra minutes of drive time. You guys at Plaza Cadillac always went out of your way for me and you'll probably see me again after this. Unfortunately I took my car in for an oil change to the closer dealership (Massey) and asked them to look into the hissing sound, and I get back a car that is leaking so much gas that it looks like you just drove out of a car wash. I did some searching on this site and the closest thing to the original problem I found was this:


But no one has found the answer to that problem or had a similar dealer experience, so I am having the mechanic save all of the parts for me and my lawyer to see.

02-08-07, 02:46 PM
I am having similar problems with Massey Cadillac (specifically Sanford Massey). ...Are they related to Massey Cadillac in Plymouth (Mich)? That's my dealer, and they're top notch!

02-08-07, 03:03 PM
I don't think so but there are 3 Massey Cadillac in the Orlando area.

The Tony Show
02-08-07, 03:37 PM
Don Massey owned 50 Cadillac dealers nationwide, and he really knew how to take care of a customer. Unfortunately, several years back he sold his stores to Sonic Automotive Corp., and a lot of the Massey stores have gone downhill. I don't like to badmouth other dealers, but while some good ones remain like Rand's dealer, the ones around here seem to have really fallen off.

Thanks for the kudos, Kelsey. I'm going to read that other thread and see if I can get a suggestion or two from one of my techs. Good to see you've still got the V!

02-09-07, 10:51 PM
This thread is the reason for dealerrank


Bottomline, if your dealer sucks, go somewhere else. Tell your friends not to go their either. They will lose the business and it will hurt eventually. Take it to the dealermanager and call cadillac with your concerns.

Some dealership are getting heavily ranked by cadillac on their customer service. If it sucks, tell them and tell cadillac separatly.

Good luck.