: New V Owner in Atlanta - How Many More?

02-06-07, 08:03 PM
I am a new V owner with about half a dozen posts on the forum. Got my V 12/23/06 and have already added B&B. I see strong FL group going to Sebring, any Atlanta or S.E. guys going to any Road Atlanta or Barber (Birmingham area) events?

Great forum, have learned alot quickly on quirks, goodies and humoris stories.

The vanity plate thread is great...... creatiVe minds out there for sure.

06' Paltinum/Black, Chrome Caddy Wheel, B&B, with all the killer apps on the forum, I am sure there is more to come.


02-06-07, 08:50 PM
... creatiVe minds out there ...That'd be me. :D

:welcome: Glad to have you aboard.

02-06-07, 09:36 PM
Welcome aboard. There's a few of us Atlanta area owners around here. We actually had a meet a few weekends ago at Vengeance Racing which is in your neck of the woods. We're talking about a spring cruise when the weather warms up a little bit. Keep an eye out for that.

As far as Road Atlanta, I think there were a few of us at the Speed GT race during the Petit LeMans weekend but we didn't really coordinate a meet. We should definitely do that this year. Also, I plan on doing a few track days this year if I can fit them in. Maybe we can get a group together for something like that as well.

02-06-07, 09:51 PM
I actually picked mine up 10 days ago from nparrous on this form! Know a few of the Peach State corvette guys around town and have been invited to tag along with some of their runs. I am trying to decide weather or not to go with a CAI before getting to Vengeance for a tune. There is definitely a short throw in my future but still evaluating what will work best for me.

As for Road Atlanta myself, I always hit Thursday night practice and all day Friday at the Petit. My Saturdays are about half and half.

Anyway, excited to be here and look forward to seeing you guys around Kennesaw. BTW, I have had enough of my co-workers leaving various Rap/R&B cds on my desk. The worst was the purple hat though.

02-06-07, 10:16 PM
ATL owner checking in. Like HushH said, we had a small meet a couple weeks ago at Vengeance in Cumming. Hopefully we can get a few together for a spring cruise.

02-06-07, 10:23 PM
Thanks for the quick replies.

HushH - Look forward to getting a heads up on future events. I figured there should be a fairly strong group around ATL. :thumbsup:

nhassis - My CEO made a smart ass comment I wasn't 50........ He drives a Saab......... LMAO. As for your co-workers, under the facade of BS, it is V envy they suffer from.:highfive:

Constantly looking for the V's :worship:

Thanks again.


02-06-07, 10:47 PM
nhassis - I'm right next door in Woodstock. Give me a shout sometime and we can meet up.

12race - seems like the ATL group has been kind of quiet til recently. I know there's a few V owners around here that either aren't on this forum or just aren't active. I don't think one of the guys even knows what he's driving. Anyway, hopefully the activity will keep growing.

02-07-07, 05:59 AM
Welcome, I am in the cumming area also, we need to have a track day I think that would be to much fun.

02-07-07, 08:16 AM
HushH - Not to "hi-jack" the thread but I spend a bit of time up there (Woodstock). Mostly Taco Mac or La Parilla. I saw a black V heading up 575 near hwy 92 last Week Monday then on Towne Lake Parkway I saw a silver (have not learned the official names for the colors yet still a noob) one just about 5 minutes later. These are the only 2 I have seen since I brought mine home. I would like to see your V though. I already have the Corsa Exhaust and am considering the remainder of your "Mods".

02-07-07, 08:32 AM
The black one was probably me. Especially if it looked like some wacko driving like a bat out of hell. I've seen a silver one at my son's school. Always a lady driving it and she's never looked twice at my car.

gcoan - did you get yours back from Vengeance yet?

02-07-07, 09:29 AM
I've got a black 06.