: Skip Shift Eliminator Installed

02-05-07, 11:11 AM
Having owned prior cars with the T-6 transmission, I always prided myself in the fact that the "skip shift" feature didn't bother me, and I just drove around it. Well, on Friday I took a rare trip to my dealer for an oil change (I'm too lazy to do it myself and besides, it's too cold outside) and a broken arm rest (yep, mine broke too). I've been driving around with a skip shift eliminator still in the package for several months since I don't have a lift to get under the car. While having the car serviced I asked John, the tech who always works on the "V"s that come in if he'd install it for me. Get this - he was stunned when I told him what it was! He didn't know anything like that existed. He installed it for me, test drove the car (with me in it) and was pleasantly impressed that it worked. I got to tell you that I forgot how nice it is to shift at lower speeds and not have to worry when the skip shift is going to kick in - sorry I didn't do it a long time ago!

By the way, the arm rest that they installed seems to be a vast improvement over the original - it seems to be a lot more solid, more firm, and feels like a "real" arm rest.

Again, I give kudos to this dealership (Faulkner Cadillac in Bethlehem, PA). They had the arm rest for me within 2 days, installed it (and my CAG's eliminator) at N/C, changed my oil, and I was on my way in under an hour. I gave John a $20.00 tip because he always makes me and my V feel like something special when I come in - he has it on notice that NO ONE other than he or myself is to drive the car when I bring it in. Sorry I'm ranting, but good service needs to be recognized when it's there. Agreed?

02-05-07, 12:23 PM
All good business is based on relationship. That makes the difference when you really need something.

Acknowledging good service to any and all service providers is important.

I have an 06' (just got it 12/23/06) and I think I am off to a good start with my dealer (Classic Caddy in Roswell GA). Good service dept and kick butt accessories dept with a strong team of advisors.

Nothing like G's from the V's