: What,s up with my Clutch Pedal???????

02-04-07, 12:07 PM
My car has been in the shop 3 times in two days. The clutch pedal, rod/linkage keeps coming loss, causing the car not to start, or the pedal just falling to the floor:mad: .

It,s really bad when the dealership can,t fix something right the first, second or thrid time.....:want:

Has this (the pedal issue) ever happened to anyone else???????????:confused:

02-04-07, 12:33 PM
There's an old TSB on early production V's, but that happens when shifting at WOT/redline conditions.

Get a new dealer.

02-04-07, 02:12 PM
on my '06 the clutch pedal return spring broke, still works, the pedal feels better, they had to order the whole clutch pedal assembly just to get he spring???, still has not came in yet so i'm waiting...