: FSM (Factory Service Manuals) Holey Cow!!!

Black Sunshine
02-03-07, 08:55 PM
Over on the Impala forums, we've been getting our GM parts from Dal for years with pricing that can't be beat. Dal's now retired as the local Akron, OH GM dealer's parts department manager (pretty much knows all the part numbers from memroy) but they gave him a computer and he manages internet/phone sales from home a few hours each day to make some spending $.

I needed to replace the weatherstrip/trim piece at the top of my driver's door (too long a story). Got a price of $145 from the dealer that sold me my car. $125 at my local Caddy dealer. Called Dal and got it for $70 +shipping.

While we were catching up he mentioned that a new reprint had come out on the FSM's for the 96 Impala's. $70. Snagged. Then I thought out loud how about a set of FSM's for the V. $110. What the hey! I told him to throw them in the box, too.

Well, they hit my garage this week. The Impala FSM's (two books) measure about 3" thick total.

The Caddy's FSM's? Well, the three books must total a few thousand pages with each individual manual being at least 3" thick. 1 of 3 is general, chassis, suspension, engine. 2 of 3 is engine and transmission. 3 of 3 is body, electric, accessories. Oh, and the heavy suckers cost me almost $20 to ship.

They are so big I'm almost afraid to crack em open for fear all that info will overload my poor ol' brain.:bricks:
(from galncing at the wiring diagrams I believe I have now confirmed that there is at least 800 pounds of wiring in our cars)

02-04-07, 01:37 PM
Since Dal is retired, i have been getting all of my V stuff from James @ lindsay cadillac. He is the "dal" of the V world. he knows all the parts and even stocks aftermarket parts you cant get elsewhere (shifter bushings).

In the V world, James is the man!