: Window Trim discontinued?

03-16-04, 06:34 PM
My '93 Sixty's rear outside black molding acting as a window trim around the rear window was messed up before I purchased it. A large portion of it, about 6", is completely gone and filled in with a mystery goo. Much of the rest of it is coming out so I am beginning to worry. I called a few upolstry shops and they said if portions of the trim were missing, I needed to bring in a replacement piece and then they could help me. When I called a local Cadillac dealer, they told me GM has discontinued that part and it cannot be ordered. He was going to do a nationwide search to see if any dealers have it in stock.

Images of Problem (http://younggotti.no-ip.org/trimproblem/)

Here are my questions. Will the trim from a hardtop be the same as a fa top with the full padded vinyl top? If a dealer cannot get it for me, does anyone have this in their own personal inventory and willing to sell? Thanx,
Jacob Hoppe

03-16-04, 10:17 PM
Jacob, get thee to a Vinyl Roof/Simulated Convertible Top Installer Shop. They can help. Can't find one? Call a Caddy dealer and ask them who does their aftermarket roof installations ~

03-16-04, 11:15 PM
Thanx for the info, Sandy. It'll be the first call I make tomorrow morning on a company phone. I called two shops near my house and they both said they'd need the replacement trim first, then they'd help me. Hopefully the aftermarket Cadillac roof worker can hellp. What are the chances that its rusted underneath with possible leakage?

03-18-04, 12:08 PM
I got the shop's names that the dealers use. Kinda suprising is that the 4 of the 5 Cadillac dealers in the area use the same shop. I knew it would get a bit pricey for this as they would have to make custom molding, so I kept up the search for the GM molding and finally found it in IN. Price $11, can't go wrong. Called them back stating I had the molding and they suggested that I should go to a glass man as the glass will need to come out. So thanks for all the info, once again, Sandy! btw, I went to a junkyard to get some trim for above all 4 doors, that interior trim that is the color of your interior. I found the right color interior on a '93 Deville, but it must have been a Touring Sedan, because the trim was not even cloth, it was pure plastic! I was mad! Thanx again, Sandy
Jacob Hoppe

03-18-04, 04:25 PM
Sorry to be so late. I was off line for 27 hours. My son, Matt was home from college & he was defragging my computer. Obviously, I had alot of Fraggs! :) I'd check with 2 different places. I am not so sure the glass had to be removed... I don't think anything is rusted badly, maybe a little surface rust. No biggy

03-18-04, 05:17 PM
Yeah, I checked with 2 different places and they said "glass man". I talked to my guys dad who does body work, and he said he doesn't think there is any rust as there is supposed to be an inner seal also, but my dad thinks there will be because of "experience", so we'll see how this one plays out. Sorry to hear about your computer!

03-18-04, 06:17 PM
Oh, my confuser is fine now! Like a young Stallion! My son fixes it for me all the time. It's fast again. He said that I had 27 different spy ware programs running. I was pop up city.!! All good now. :bouncy: :bouncy:

04-08-08, 05:22 PM
Call a Caddy dealer and ask them who does their aftermarket roof installations ~

Cadillac Forums to the rescue again. Needed some trim clips for my '98 Fleetwood Limited. Parts guy at Caddy dealer said he didn't have them and the place he sent me to didn't have them. After reading this post, I called the Caddy dealer and asked about who did their aftermarket roofs. Chick took my name/number. Called me back 5 minutes later and said their other Caddy dealership did them in shop. Went over there. They had the clips and sold them to me for 10 cents each. :D