View Full Version : I think I've got one bought!

Richard Carver
02-03-07, 02:37 PM
It's an '04 with 32K, V8, nav, ultraview and I'm wondering it this is a dvd player in the rear? That thing between the front seats??








We've agreed on the deal but I have to deliver the Lexus to Houston and make the trade.

02-03-07, 03:02 PM
Richard, looks like my DVD (which I have yet to try) but if it is, make sure they give you the headphones that should connect up to the DVD.

Looks terrific!

Richard Carver
02-03-07, 03:39 PM
Thanks! I've only driven a 6, I'm guessing the 8 is ah more fun?

Does this look like the configuration for the third seat?


Richard Carver
02-03-07, 03:42 PM
Well, after I posted it, I see the seatbelt attachments toward the rear so I guess it has the third seat as well.

02-03-07, 04:44 PM
That center peace in between the front seats is in fact the DVD player. Make sure that you get 2 wireless headphones, and one wireless remot. I have an '06 with the same packages as the one you're looking at. Make sure you get them, if not, at least get them thrown in by the dealer.

top tiger
02-03-07, 04:48 PM
I recently bought a similar car. Your DVD player looks like mine. It should come with two wireless headphones and a remote. I did not know about the remote untill I read the owners manual and it was not in the car....probably not a big deal. I have bugged the dealer about it but nothing seems to be happening. Why am I not surprised?

Also, make sure you get the data base disc for the navigation system. It will probably be in the system but they are expensive to purchase.