: 07' EXT Still Driving like ....

02-02-07, 12:37 PM
i had the dealer update my tranny software and i have a superchips programmer....my truck is driving a lot better then before but still like crap...i never get power when i need it...especially when getting onto highways...anyone have a fix?

02-08-07, 09:46 PM

02-09-07, 06:58 AM
It maybe time to call the 800 number, both of mine are working great

02-09-07, 08:32 AM
they need to fix that... that is unnacceptable... call cadillac and explain this all to them.. they will coordinate with your dealer and get this fixed...

02-09-07, 09:03 AM
Yes- it is time to call Cadillac. My father had an issue with a dealer not taking care of an issue with his Caddy so he called Cadillac. The dealer fixed everything and then some. They call him monthly now and make sure everything is good.