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02-01-07, 07:49 PM
My Fleetwood for a while when I take a corner, used to be right hand, say a cloverleaf, as you got progressively harder into the corner, it felt like one of the tires started turning in harder, all of a sudden.

Now, it doesn't seem to do to the right, it is doing it in moderate turns to the left.

I have replaced drag link, checked as best I can tie rods (but that is what it feels like) and not sure how to really check the ball joints. The ball joints are noisy in tight turns like most all of these cars are.

Seems just fine all the time in a straight line. Ackerman angle is what seems off to me, and when it is off, it is suddenly so.

Ideas what to look for? I had an alignment done and he couldn't find anything, dropping it off the rack and back on and doing what he could to get it to not return, but it always has returned to where it was set.


02-01-07, 11:03 PM
Sounds like a ball joint. With the wheel in the air grab the top and bottom of the tire. I think you try to hold the top while you push and pull on the bottom. Try to rock the wheel if it moves, the ball joint is loose. For confirmation it's best to have someone under the car looking at the ball joint.

I had the same feeling and that what it was on mine. These cars are pretty notorious for that. They're big and heavy with lots of front end.

The front ends of these cars are pretty finicky. The slightest little play in anything will feel horrible, make the car sway, all kinds of fun stuff. It usually feels worse than it is, but double check the ball joints for sure.

The noise you hear in tight turns is not the ball joints, it's the steering stops hitting the stopping mechanism (for lack of better term) stop plate? Whatever it's called that's what it is. It's basically metal to metal and the recommended remedy it to cover the plate with grease, which obviously only holds up for a few months at best.

02-01-07, 11:11 PM
Thanks, I was wondering if it was the ball joint.

If it gets warm enough I will have to out to try, but lately it has been waaaay to cold to mess with anything under the car.

I am thinking it is time to do a full front end rebuild. Bushings, ball joints, shocks (again), springs (9C1 are considered) and maybe try to get some body to frame bushings in too.