: Volant CAI tests results CAJONKEV

02-01-07, 05:04 PM
CAJONKEV have you completed the testing of the VOLANT CAI and what were the results, I"m anxious to know. When you recontact VAOLANT ask Tony,Joe,or Daniel the release date of the CAI, I'm still waiting to get one.
13 months is a long time to wait.
You are a lucky man and I know that you are pleased with the CAI.
Thanks, Robert

02-03-07, 01:44 AM
Hey Robert,

I have been sending reports to Volant but had not heard anything back prior to today when I recevied an e-mail from them.

They have not given me a release date but I will let you know if/when I find out.

They did let me know that Lund Caddy is doing their Dyno testing for them and they haven't received any numbers as yet.

As for mine, I am getting an extra mile per gallon perhaps although right after the install I had to shift my driving habits for a few weeks. I'll know better once I get back to my more normal routine.

Otherwise. Performance and sound wise all is great and the fit is still tight as day one.

02-03-07, 08:03 AM
Glad the CAI is performing well for you.
Thanks for the report,