: Supercharged, need 93-95 4.6L intake manifold top cover to modify HELP!!

03-16-04, 04:14 AM
I just bought a supercharger from a 3800 supercharged buick, I am going to mount it on top of the top intake manifold by cutting and welding a base, yeah its going to make me have to get a hood scoop, but I will try it first with the hood off, so I dont screw up my flawless red hood..by the way my car is a 93 ETC does 0-60 5.7/14.1 quarter mile....g-tech numbers...only air box baffle removed, K&N, tcs/abs fuse removed..you have to do it while its on..so it doesn't go into starting in second gear. But yeah I need to know if anyone is selling or willing to donate the manifold top and bottom just for this project, I will take pics of the progress and let everyone know how it works out. It most likely the same supercharger thats on the supercharged evoq that is only 4.2l and puts out 425hp, so If I can get at least another 75-100hp I'll be happy, I don't think the computer will have a problem with it, and if it does, I'm going to have a chip burned for it...but I want to make sure its going to work first, and keep my original parts just in case it doesnt. I have done many custom engine swaps, so its no biggie, but I haven't been able to find the manifold and manifold top cover to hack up to mate the supercharger to. Its basically just an aluminum box that has the injectors and a tuned plastic manifold or runnners that can be easily removed, and being supercharged, It shouldnt need the runners, I just have to make stops for the injectors so they dont pop out, maybe increase the fuel pump pressure, and maybe injector size, but Im pretty sure it will work..I'm going to have to make the 4.6l throttle body bolt to the back of the supercharger like the buick piece, should be no problem, the nice think about the buick supercharger is that it has a built in pop off valve or bypass valve built in the housing so it will run even if the belt is removed or breaks..allows it to get unpressurized air from throttle body only..I will have to plug the 4.6l throttle body opening..since the tb will be connected to the supercharger. Hey guys let me know, Im serious about this project, I figure it should take me about a month to do...I make my own hours, Im a car dealer so time is no problem..I G-teched a friends 98 GTP and crap, that sucker did 0-60 in 6.6 and quarter in 14.9 no worries now but he says he's going to buy all kinda hop up pieces....and they offer quite a few for the 3800 supercharged but they dont offer crap for our cars!!My car is wicked fast for a caddy the way it is...but i dont like to lose!!!!If I blow the engine up, I will rebuild it...I love this sucker..very rare red color..chrome wheels...got it up to 145!!! Then thought about the ticket..lol...I have pics in the Eldorado pic section if you guys wanna peek...Hey we might have a simple supercharger solution using all GM parts!...I am also thinking about a turbocharger project using a small turbo mounted to the y/downpipe that connects the front and rear banks together before the cat...it is actually the rear manifold...comes to one pipe that is about 2.5 inches in diameter, and just about enough room to mount a small turbo, then make some tubing to an intercooler in the front and run it straight through the opening in the underside of the fender to the air filter box....Man I love having a lift...I lift the car and my mind goes nuts thinking about things to do to my my baby..while my chevette v6 4.3L GN tranny project has been sitting for 5yrs..lol..engine is in...runs all I have to do is the exhaust and hook up a few things..lol..my caddy just makes me go nuts...fast and classy..I have a matching 93 GMC sierra GT that I put headers and straight dual flowmasters on..sounds awesome but 0-60 7.2/15.8 quarter is not the same as sitting in the black leather and doing 5.7/14.1 then cruising on the highway and getting 18mpg ...Need those parts guys...help out...If all goes well I will start a website to show how to do it so we can show them that we dont need an LS6 to go fast!!!Smooth supercharged Northstar....redlining at 6500!!Thanks...Rob.

03-16-04, 05:37 PM
Sounds like an awesome project. I love this kind of innovation!! When I hit the lottery, I plan to take on many a project/experiment such as this.

Keep in mind the differences in bottom ends in superchaged vs. non supercharged engines.. particularly that 3.8 engine.. the 2 versions are drasticly different in parts, etc in the bottom end and combustion chamber as well. I had a 95 SLE Bonneville w/ supercharger and a 89 Olds Trofeo which I had toyed with the idea of swapping the superchager onto. My engine wouldn't ahve lasted much more than a few miles based on the bottom ends being so different. you need less compression and you'll definitly have ot modify timing and fuel delivery. I'm sure you know all this, but I'm just saying..

Hope to hear MUCH more about this project and progress.. wish I could afford to donate parts. :( Depending on locatoin, I'd even donate alot of time. evenings/ weekends, etc..

03-16-04, 05:39 PM
PS: You might want to check out www.chrfab.com (http://www.chrfab.com) I think that's the address.. Yep.. just checked it.. enjoy!!

03-17-04, 04:01 PM
[QUOTE=nerisauto1]I just bought a supercharger from a 3800 supercharged buick, I am going to mount it on top of the top intake manifold by cutting and welding a base....

Be aware before you start "welding" that the production silver top cover is magnesium.... You might tell the welder this .....

You would be much further ahead by having a shop fab a spacer and use a flat piece of aluminum to make an adapter for the supercharger.... The production silver top cover does not have the structural integrity to do what you want...and the factory seal between the top cover and the manifold base is designed to open and let the intake "burp" in the event of a backfire...so take that into account before you pressurize it...

03-18-04, 02:57 AM
out of curiosity, what year buick? after 96 i hope, they had the m90 supercharger, 95 and older had the m62, on a 4.6 v8, the 62's to small

Night Wolf
03-18-04, 10:39 AM
I know the s/c on the stock 3800 is kinda small...it only adds 50hp to the 3800, not sure how much it could do with a N*

Can the internals of the N* hold up?

For kicks I wanted to get an early gen s/c for the 3800 and put it on my '89 Olds 88 which has the NA 3800..... but I remember reading somewhere there is a big differnce between the NA and s/c version of the 3800.... compression, pistons, crank etc....