: Brake Squeal

01-31-07, 12:09 AM
I have recently noticed an odd brake squeal. It's not consistent. I've tried to reproduce it and have had trouble. it seems to happen at low speeds and occurs when the lifting the pedal after stopping. It sounds slightly metallic. it is brief, and even if i ease up on the pedal i can't keep the sound going.

The car has just 6k miles on it. So, i doubt it would be pads or rotors. Plus, it was just in the shop the other week, so i would think they would have given it a once over. I do have the drilled rotors, everything else brake related is stock.

Any idea what to look for/check? Could it be a loose caliper just rubbing slightly on lift?


01-31-07, 01:33 AM
it seems to happen at low speeds and occurs when the lifting the pedal after stoppingMeaning you hear it when the car is not moving?

And if you had a caliper loose enough to be hitting something... you'd have other symptoms, like a nasty shake at high speeds in the car.

01-31-07, 01:41 AM
No, not when stopped; but when stopping/slowing down. Say you're rolling at 20mph, break but before you stop raise up on the pedal. Like rolling to a stop sign.

- j

The Tony Show
01-31-07, 10:26 AM
I had the same problem, and cured it with some anti-squeal "goop" on the back of the pads. I don't like the liquid they put on the friction surface- this is preferrable since it has no contact with the actual pad surface.

01-31-07, 01:26 PM
Hey Tony....specifically what is this anti-squeal goop? Before heavymetals pings in here....I did a search and could not find a brand name.


The Tony Show
01-31-07, 02:47 PM

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