View Full Version : Aftermarket Audio Install On 96 Seville

01-30-07, 06:33 PM
I spent a lot of time installing and altering my install of a clarion vrx765vd indash dvd player and a complete set of clarion components and 6x9's in my 96 seville. i ran into issues with the computer, antenna, wiring, and conflicts with the stock stereo. heres my final onfiguration and what was required for the install. hope it helps:

indash kit from metro, single din

to remove origional dash parts, use small hook to pull out 'info' center piece at end, keeping in mind it also hooks behind stock deck along the top.
remove the shifter knob by pulling out the metal retainer clip with a small hook located at the front of the handle. remove the cigarette lighter. remove the climate controls. i have had all of these components detached from the car and the computer so far has not malfunctioned, but to be safe i usually tried to keep them attached.

this is what i sacrificed to keep the computer working properly: the stock deck is required to remain attached, and so far i cannot find wat i need to bypass the deck. so i removed the mounting bracket for the cigarette lighter and climate control, reattached my deck, removed some of the ducting for the rear seat heater, as well as some protruding parts on the deck, and stuffed the deck into the cavern behind everything else. the console itself somewhat becomes teh ducting, and i havent noticed much performance drop in the front heating. a small cost to me, as i dont ride in the back ;)

video bypass on the vrx765vd
the grass green leads on the aftermarket deck are to be attached to the parking brake. but sometimes my passengers want to watch some episodes of lost or play some goldeneye or mariokart on road trips, so i attched these leads to a momentary switch(normally on) that i installed on the metro dash adaptor. a simple push and release and the deck thinks your in park. simple.

to power on the deck, i tapped into the stock deck power supply. a thick orange lead is the constant 12v lead, and a thin orange lead is the memory lead. i used the amp signal to extend the antenna as well. to check which wire to run this lead to at the antenna relay located in the trunk, simply check with a test light the lead that has power when you turn the stock deck on. easier done when the stock deck is still installed. you will need an antenna adaptor you can buy at any car audio outlet, as the size is too small for the clarion antenna input.

aftermarket speakers
i was usefully informed that trying to tie into the bose system in the cadillacs can actually fry your deck, as it feeds back into the deck. with that info, id rather not risk wasting 1000$ on a new deck, and opted for clarion components for the doors, and 6x9's in the rear. the only screw in the door that i had trouble finding was behind the side pocket at the rear of the door. you have to pull hard to pop it from the door, it folds back at an angle, and under that you will find a phillips screw holding the panel onto the door. there wasnt enough room for any speakers in the door as the bose system has an amp and a speaker enclosure about a foot and a half long taking up space. the bose speaker is very small, 3-4 inches if you want to find one that small. i removed that and hung the speaker and crossover in the door, and ran the tweater up to the triangular panel you remove to get at the mirror bolts. i was nervous about drilling a hole in my trim, but it looked fine afterwards. this is the only hole i had to drill in the interior parts. the rear 6x9's come out by removing the entire rear seat. push back on the fron of the seat to unhook the bottom portion, it takes quite a push. then unbolt two seatbelt mounts and two very long 10mm nuts from the back of the seat via the trunk. they will piss you off. i removed the amp fuse from the trunk fuse box, everything seems to be fine, so i left it out, i just didnt want more power being wasted. once you get the seat out, pull out the rear window deck, and pop out the origional 6x9's. i used the origional baskets for my new clarions, and they fit perfectly without alteration.

the amp wiring was simple, routine for any aftermarket deck. the trouble was getting the power lead thru the firewall. i ran it thru a hole in the floor under the passengers feet, up around under the splash guard, behind the headlight, and finaly thru my fuse and onto the battery. i know, its a bit much, but i couldnt find another way. if you have a better way, id like to hear it. id like to reseal the hole in the floor, but so far i havent noticed any leaking. i also removed the stock cd changer for the space.

i kept all the parts so i can reinstall them if i ever want to sell the car. but anyone who wants a seville will likely enjoy the upgrades, so i wouldnt likely be the guy putting it back in, its a good selling feature.

i installed audio visual rca jacks and a 140watt 110 outlet in the console to run game systems, so if you have any questions, ill try to get back to you with some pointers. i am a firm believer in heat shrink connectors and soldering, because once you get this all in, you dont want to hunt for a broken lead.