: 1992 Brougham vs. 1989 Deville.

01-30-07, 05:33 PM
I'm looking at two caddys to take some of the miles off of my concours (as the realty deal i mentioned in another post has yet to close).
1. 1992 Brougham, needs TLC, looks good, doesn't drive, at a used car lot, 150k miles, cranks and cranks but wont start. Dealer said something about a clogged cat:hmm: , and "other mechanical repairs" needed, as well as a rear window, hood ornament, and a radio (dont ask). The car really looks great, and I could get for a steal.
2. 1989 Deville, decent runner, 180k miles, drives, looks ok, needs front pass. window, about the same neighborhood as the Brougham (less than 800 dollars).
Which sounds the best to you guys?
Thanks, and God Bless,

01-30-07, 06:01 PM
I vote for the '92 just because it's the newest, was the last model year of that body, looks the best, and has the best combination of power and fuel injection vs. most any of the older models with the smaller V8's. The latter helps a lot in the reliability and efficiency aspects.

But that ALL depends on the condition vs. price, and whether or not it can actually be running without a huge amount of work.:cool:

01-30-07, 06:16 PM
Well, cosmetically, it is nice. It's got spark, so it could be a fuel pump, relay, or who knows what else. Basically, a big problem is getting it to a shop (thankfully there is one right beside the used car dealer), and finding out what is wrong with the car. I'll try to get it to run when I check it out. The car is a consignment that has been on this lot for over 3 years!!!!. I've seen the car forever, and decided to check it out about 2 years ago, and at the time, it was very nice, but it would crank and crank and crank and never run. The dealer says the catalytic converters are clogged ?
Thanks, and God Bless,

01-30-07, 07:23 PM
Well, with those two, the '92 Brougham. It's so simple and reliable...such a proven design.

The Ape Man
01-30-07, 07:54 PM
'92 wins easily. Some of the best GM cars ever made.

01-30-07, 09:29 PM
If the body is as good as you say it is, no question, gotta be the '92.

01-30-07, 10:59 PM
So it's unanimous...now you just have to figure out how to get it running!

And clogged cats have nothing to do with a car not starting--that can cause running problems, but has nothing to do with starting.

01-31-07, 09:00 PM
92 all the way. go with the big body