: 4 ohm speaker

01-29-07, 03:55 PM
just bought 4 ohm infinity speakers for a 1992 delco deville radio/ cass, quick question what will happen if i do hook this up, and what is the ohms for this radio, would like to keep everything stock, thanks

01-29-07, 04:00 PM
i think those factory were either 10 or 8 ohm
it shouldnt hurt anything
but they will prob sound louder than your rear speaks so you may wanna fade it

04-15-12, 12:24 AM
I also just bought 4 ohm Infinity speakers for a 1991 Delco ETR am/fm/cass/eq. Yes, the factory speakers were 10 ohm. I have been reading very conflicting accounts. Some say, it's fine. Others say, you'll burn out your radio.

04-26-12, 12:32 PM
The new speakers are lower impedance, this means you will definitely do some damage if you crank the volume up. If you put 4 ohm speakers in, you are cutting the resistance of the speakers in about HALF, which means as a rough estimate the head unit will try to drive between half again and double the power to those. The radio and amp will operate fine at lower volumes, but if you accidentally crank it up past the point where it is driving the stock ones the 20 year old amp/radio handling being driven that far out of spec is anyone's guess.