: Custom Air Suspension

01-29-07, 01:05 PM
Hey all, new to the board. Ive got a 1989 Fleetwood Brougham RWD... love it.
Any ways, I just got a set of 18' 100 spokes with Vogues.
I am wanting to bag it, and have no idea where to start. Does anyone have any information on building a system?
I need information on
-mounting brackets (havent been able to find any, would I have to get them custom fab'ed?)
-recommended sites/companies
-any DYI info

Old Fleetwood
01-29-07, 04:31 PM
Your ambition got me curious. It looked like one helluva project, so I logged out and Googled "Air Ride Suspensions."
Holey Moley!
I got swamped with tons of stuff. I never knew there was so much out there. Further, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It looks like lots of people are putting air suspensions under all kinds of vehicles from Jeeps to bulldozers.
So have fun Googling. That, plus the experience that those on this BB have had with the load-leveling suspensions of the Fleetwoods - like mine - should keep you on the straight and narrow. (Go search the various posts)
Good luck :)

01-29-07, 11:44 PM

The Quick And Easy Way Out

Good Luck Man, You Should Og Style Tho, Hit Up Them Hydros


01-30-07, 08:26 AM
I have to dig out my hot rod magazine. There's a story about hot rod airbag setups.

02-02-07, 10:28 AM
Its just a stretched GM B-Body. Everything under my 90 D'Elegance looks just like the underside of my 76 Impala. Im pretty sure most of the parts interchange. I have been thinking about doing the same thing to my Caddy!

02-02-07, 12:01 PM
If you guys want to know about air bags, go over to layitlow.com. They know everything about custom suspension.

02-03-07, 03:36 PM

Another option. These are airbags suspensions for hot rodders. Not just slammed cars.

02-03-07, 07:51 PM
Air Ride Technologies is well known. It is a little dis-heartening though when the acknowledge the parts for all the B-bodies (caprice, impala, roadmaster, custom cruiser and forget the D-body (which shouldn't require any different parts).