View Full Version : DIN pockets with lids/doors?

01-29-07, 05:48 AM
I want to hide my iPod in the DIN pocket below my stereo, but I can't find any with doors or lids. Does such a thing exist anywhere?

01-29-07, 08:03 AM
I have never seen one. I installed an iPod in my Seville, and ran the wire into the center console. The iPod is not visible unless you open the console, as well as the compartment inside the console. I do not need access with my Alpine, as I control the iPod through the head unit.


01-29-07, 12:52 PM
actually my gfs hyundai elantra has a dbl din, the dealer had an kennwood single din cdplayer that they added and the fit kits pocket had a door i thought it was kinda cool
could try calling a hyundai dealer and see if they will sell the fit kit maybe ive never seen one anywhere else...