: 7" flip up

01-28-07, 09:12 PM
i have a 97 sts, i just installed a 7 inch flip up. It was hell...hahah. i had to buy a seperate connector that was close to 100 dollars for most of the stuff to match up. i still had to run seperate speaker wires and i suppose i will install a 1 small amp to each speaker because it seems to draw too much power from the H/U. Any way the question is is if anyone has done this...apparently you need to plug the "park brake" wire so that your tv isnt playing during driving...but i dont know where that is. i would like to be able to play it while driving, does anyone know what kind of terminal this wire needs to be pluged into to make it work. The only other problem i have is that the trunk wont open unless the key is in accessory but this isnt a big deal to me. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!
Thanks Jason

01-28-07, 09:29 PM
The last thing you (we) need is a TV distracting you while you are driving.

01-28-07, 09:39 PM
wrong forum

01-28-07, 10:11 PM
hook the wire thats for the parking brake to a togal switch then grond the other end. to watch a video while driving turn the togal on/off/on and it will trick it into thinking the parking brake is on.

01-28-07, 11:53 PM
ok well not to sound like a hazard on the road it was mainly so passengers can see...and at the time being i couldnt even find the emergency brake wire to watch it even when in park...also i am sorry that this is the wrong forum could you tell me which it would go under? :duh: and thanks for the tips...any ideas why the radio would reset itself and not remeber the time each start up?

01-29-07, 12:42 AM
cadillac audio and electrical section
id rather answer in there for future reference so people can search and find it and also because this has been covered before in there
no harshness and welcome!

01-29-07, 10:43 AM
I'll move the thread for you.

01-29-07, 12:50 PM
thanx ranger
as was stated there is 2 ways to do this
one directly ground the wire to your radio ground, this works 80% of the time however sometimes the unit is smart and needs to be ungrounded at some point in time in order to watch it or else it knows you just grounded it and will not work anyways.
option 2 do like was stated, connect the wire to a switch then from the switch to the ground that way you can flip the ground on and off so the unit thinks you applied the parking brake

however SOME units have gyrascopes and as soon as they sence movement, they will cut the video reguardless of if you grounded the park brake, there is NO way around these, it needs the scope for direction so you cant disable it either...

02-07-07, 04:27 AM
Disabling the parking brake feature is pretty much unit specific. I don't see where you said what model you have? My AVIC-Z1 can be disabled by flashing the headlights at startup. I found someone online that made an electronic switch that does it automatically at startup. You might try searching the web for your model hu and parking brake disable.

02-07-07, 10:21 AM
i have a Pioneer Avic-N1

02-07-07, 10:31 AM
as far as the radio remembering the time at startup:

if its not doing that then im guessing it wont "remember" radio station presets or EQ preferences or "resume" tracks, meaning at startup it will go back to the beginning of the cd as if it was just loaded.

ive never dealt with a monitor/hu but if its anything like a regular hu then you need to make sure you connected the accessory and constant 12+ wires correctly, accesory power is power that is applied only when the key is turned to ACC, constant power is just that, the unit uses the constant power to store presets etc,

on aftermarket HU's ACC power is (usually) red and constant is yellow (usually)

02-07-07, 12:24 PM
Make a direct run to the battery for your constant.

02-22-07, 07:10 PM
i just connected the parking wire to the ground wire and that worked on my 95 deville