View Full Version : Aux Input? 1998 SLS

01-27-07, 11:07 PM
My 98 SLS has the prewire for the factory changer burried beneath the million layers in the console. I am wondering if there is an adaptor that will actually allow you to use this as an aux input without having the changer present?

I've seen many different things online, and none of them make me really confident as to whether or not they would work with this radio. Has anyone actually done this? I would really like to use this feature if it exists.

Also.. How do you remove the radio in this vehicle? Does the upper trim piece just come off and expose screws? I have not dug into it yet.. but I'm just curious.

I'm not scared of the electronics in this car, and can build just about anything electronic, but I'm paranoid about breaking plastic I can't replace.

Thanks --

02-15-07, 04:52 PM
Canthelp you with the aux input, but I know how to remove the radio.

Grap into the (iis it an ashtray or just a storage box?) and pull on it. The complete center trim should come off. You would need to shft the geer to D to access the scews. Under the radio you will now see 2 screws.

The upper trim piece (like oval form) you can remove very easily with a blade from a knife. After removing this trim, you will have access to the upper screw, which holts the radio. In tota there are 3 screws (2 on the bottom and one on the upper part of the radio). Thats all. If you know how to, its very easy.