: Squeak?

01-27-07, 02:49 AM
Hey Guys anyone know how to solve that squeak coming from the dash or the door? Can't seem to find it. HELP!!!! IT BUGS!!!!!!! And when I start my car at night the dash seems to pop and crack like rocks are hitting the window.

01-27-07, 09:21 AM
The pop from the dash noise is probably an easy one - See TSB #06-08-49-005 in the FAQ. I fixed mine myself with with some foam tape instead of the mylar tape listed in the TSB. If you're under warranty, take a copy to your service manager, otherwise it's a 15 minute job if you're comfortable taking apart a perfectly good car.

I have seen posts talking about the hood hinge causing squeeks that are really hard to tell where they come from. This might be your other problem. I opened my hood and pushed it side to side and didn't find a problem with mine, but I did find a fender bolt on the passenger side that was 2 full turns short of being seated that squeaked when I moved the hood.

I still have a small mystery squeak that I can't find. Sometimes happens on uneaven surfaces. The biggest annoyance is that I can't find it, not the noise itself.

I have also fixed a number of small rattles in my dash area. My 140 mile a day commute takes me thru a bunch of Michigan pot holes and expansion joints that are just brutal (places where I can't take a sip from my stainless steel coffee cup because I might need my front teeth someday). Some of the fixes have been:

Left A pillar rattle - sunroof drain tube clip loose - fixed with weather strip tape.

Squeek from Left A pillar area - A pillar trim rubbing against glass - magic foam fix

Many 'chafe' / 'scratch' / 'itch' noises - wrapped loops of weatherstrip foam around wire harnesses and connectors in dash. If you can wiggle them and hit a hard surface, they'll make noise when you hit a big enough pot hole. It sounds like you live in an area with real roads, so probably not an issue.

Trim panel around climate control squeeks - removed per FAQ instructions, and added foam tape.

Misc. small squeeks - re-torqued every fastener that I could find while I was in the dash.

Rattle from ash tray area - radio antenna wire bouncing when hitting pot holes - weather strip wrap around cable where it hit the tunnel.

By normal people standards, the car is very solid. All of the noises that I mentioned are 'radio off' noises. Stiff suspension, run-flats, crap road commute, and obsesive/compulsive driver are what pushed me to fix what most people wouldn't even know was there. I realized one day that the sound from me rubbing my thumb up and down the stearing wheel was louder than the noises that I was fixing, but once you start ripping panels off, what's one more?

Good luck!

The Tony Show
01-27-07, 10:03 AM
If it's a "tee tee tee" type squeak (not an itching noise, which is sort of a "tickaticka"), I'd try lubing the hood hinges. Mine was driving me crazy, and I got rid of it by spraying the hood latch and hinges with some penetrating lube.

01-27-07, 04:39 PM
I have found an occassional spray of WD-40 around the dash seams helps quiet things down too.

01-27-07, 05:14 PM
Anyone have a squeak somewhere near the bass speaker in the back seat when traveling at highway speeds?

01-27-07, 05:14 PM
Anyone have a squeak somewhere inside the truck when traveling at highway speeds?

08-31-07, 04:03 PM

I have VERY similar issues in my V as descirbed in your original posting. It is a rattle that sounds like plastic on plastic in the area of the HVAC unit. I have had it at the dealership a half dozen times and they have given up on it. Since I would like to actually drive my car sometime instead of having them mess with it, I would love to have your help in finding the source.

Everything has been insulated, but the plasitic foam they surrounded the wires with would make the same/worse noise than the wire insulation (but I cannot verify this as the source because it was making the noise before it was in place). Contact points on the entire unti have also been padded/lubricated to try and cut down on any friction there.

I drove a little while today with the unit pulled out, and the sounds went away. When I put it part of the way back in, the rattle started right back up again.

I am lost on this and you are the only other person I can find that has seen the same issue. PLEASE HELP!


08-31-07, 04:22 PM
Welcome to the wonderful world of plastic interior. I've foam taped, dynamatted and insulated everything and still have squeeks and rattle. Good luck.


08-31-07, 04:40 PM
My wife used to drive a Cavalier. That thing didn't make a sound and it was the cheapest, most worthless car I have ever had a hand in owning. I guess getting a GM that costs 3 times as much won't guarantee it is put together any better.

It's a bad comparison, I know - but funny none the less.

Thanks for the response!

08-31-07, 10:23 PM
I took mine in for a squeek, It was the trim under the hood. Not bad when the summer heat causes expansion of the various plastic bits and pieces.

09-04-07, 12:23 PM
I found a new one a few months back. It was a metalic squeek coming from the stack. I was lucky enough to find that if I pulled on the bottom of the knee panel on the passenger side, it would make the noise. (They're all easy to fix if you can actually find them.)

It turned out to be the bottom metal cover of the nav unit itself. It's not screwed on, and would flex and rub against the side panels. I shoved a bit of double sided foam tape in the crack at the front with a toothpick and problem solved.

It seems that the center stack hangs on the cross frame between the A-pillars, and is not hard anchored to the transmission tunnel I can put my fingers between the bottom of the stack and center console, and can feel things move while driving. That won't help anything.

09-11-07, 04:28 PM
I found mine as well -

It was the bottom of the center stack rubbing where it meets the center console - plastic on plastic. Rather than putting something in there (I have tried that with no results) I just lubricated the joint, and no more noise! Even if I have to do that a couple times a year, it is well worth the silence.

Thanks for all the help on this!


03-29-09, 04:58 PM
One more to add to the list. I've been getting squeaks from the back, sometimes left side, sometimes right side. I found the two forward cargo net hold-downs in the trunk chirp when I hit bumps. I unscrewed the plastic heads, and hit the metal retaining clips with white lithium spray. I didn't think that the sound would carry into the passenger compartment, but it must carry through the sheet metal.

B-1 Buddha
03-30-09, 04:12 PM
Anyone have a squeak somewhere inside the truck when traveling at highway speeds?

Not since the hooker died...