: Headlight washer?

01-26-07, 10:16 AM
i saw a picture in the FAQ of a headlight washer gizmo? is this standard? i alwasy wondered what that "wedge" in the headlights was

my roommates are going to think i'm insane for getting someone to spray the washer fluid while i watch ... lol

i love gizmos

The Tony Show
01-26-07, 10:25 AM
It's standard on all V's, and included on the regular CTSs that have Xenon headlights. Turn the headlights on manually and hold the windshield wash button. Voila!

It'll wash anytime you spray the windshield with the headlights on, so you need to turn them on if it's daylight out.

01-26-07, 04:49 PM
never knew we had one.... the things you learn in this site. :bows: