: Cleaning the Nav Touch Screen

01-26-07, 09:47 AM
Just curious what everyone uses to clean the fingerprints off their Nav Screen.

I really like the touch screen compared to the system I had in the CTS-V, but seeing all those fingerprints on the screen drives me nuts!



01-26-07, 10:05 AM
I use CARNUBA paste wax on all my wood interior trim and also on my screen.
works great, everything shines like Harley chrome and looks good. This makes the fingerprints easy to wipe off also.

01-26-07, 03:38 PM
I occasionally will use a Flints "wipe-n-clean" towelette which does really well.

However being so anal as I am with the darn car I keep a lens cloth in the former cigarette tray and use it as a finger dam so as to not touch the actual screen at all!

Thus it is ALWAYS clean...

01-26-07, 10:47 PM
I bought a 200 count box of eyeglass lens cleaner wipes from Sam's Club. They are the perfect size and each one is in a little pouch like the deal you get at the barBQ joint for your hands. I keep about 10 in the center console at a time.

01-31-07, 01:40 PM
I use a re-usable Bausch and Lomb eyeglass cloth bought at WAL- MART (about $1.50). Fairly small - fits in the ashtray of my 06 SRX. Works well - replace it about every 6 months. I might try the sam's club wipes though if they are the right price.

02-01-07, 10:22 AM
Microfiber cloth

02-01-07, 02:52 PM
I use my sunglass lens cloth to clean it.