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01-25-07, 04:13 PM
Ok, one of my boys just got a 325 and Im hurring mixed reviews on everyone take now..some like mine more some say mine is garbage now and that his is the shit... so i wanna here it from you guys...rate it like so...

Looks, Style, Engine, Maintenace costs, Reliabilty...heres mine

Looks: CTS(way sharper and bigger inside and out)

Style: CTS(its one of a kind)

Engine: BMW(little more pick up, stronger runner)

Maintenance Costs:CTS(what maintenance costs? BMW is expensive)

Relaiiblity:BMW(BMWs dont often break down but when they do its lots moolla so jump in fron of the man and let him smack ya is ya gotta CTS and SAY "YOU SAVED MOOLA"--comcast cable

01-25-07, 04:40 PM
someone who wors in my department at work has a 3 and she complains about all the friggin problems she has with that car. some of the problems are weird as hell, she's had everything from electrical to leak problems, i keep telling her she has a lemon, but after hearing her horror stories i would never get one. plus the beamers get so much brake dust, like all german cars, us pride

01-25-07, 04:52 PM
CTS > any 3 series - M3

01-25-07, 04:54 PM
CTS all day every day...this is gonna get moved

01-25-07, 06:47 PM
Overall, BMW 3er no question. I have had 2 CTS's a 2003, and now a 2006. My whole family has BMW's 2002 330ci, 2007 328XI, 2006 330XI, (and a 2006 M Roadster). The 3 series is the benchmark small luxury sedan over and over again for a REASON! Hate to break it to you guys, but the Germans do it better.

Engine:BMW, the CTS not even close
Maint:BMW - BMW pays for everything, including windshield wipers and oil changes, NO OTHER COMPANIES DO THIS. GM does take this in some respects b/c of their longer warranties (BMW is only 4 yrs/50k miles, and GM's is more)
Reliability:BMW - all you hear about it people with problems with the CTS's after 65-70k miles. Differential problems, to suspension problems, to name a few.

If the CTS was a "better" car, it would be sold more often and in more places around the world. But, the BMW 3 series continues to maintain a strong hold in the luxury sedan market.

I mean no disrespect to the CTS. I am driving the CTS because of the price and the looks. It just sharp and fresh looking. I am in no way complaining about it, because its a great car, thats why I have had 2, and might even get the 2008. I will drive BMW's though for the majority of my life to come because of one main thing, and that is the driver's connection to the car. NO other company makes that possible across the entire model line-up like BMW does.

01-25-07, 08:01 PM
The BMW I-drive system, does not connect the driver to the car, It confuses the driver to the car........BMW=Barvarian Money Waster!!! I'll take my Caddy any Day......Handsdown!!! No Disrespect to BMW......

01-25-07, 08:39 PM
the thing i really like about bmw's and benz's are the tightness of the finish. it feels like the whole car is one big piece and when you go over bump numerous parts dont rattle. today i got a ride from my friend who has E55 AMG and just the fit and finish of the car was superb much better than the xlr-v.

02-22-07, 11:48 PM
If the CTS was a "better" car, it would be sold more often and in more places around the world. But, the BMW 3 series continues to maintain a strong hold in the luxury sedan market.

That is such BS. The 3 series has been sold for 15 years, while the CTS is an upstart, only having been around since 2003. Of course the Bimmer has a following. If GM continues on its current path of exciting cars, and continues to give good build quality at a significant price savings compared to the germans, there will be plenty of CTS's sold, as there are now. If you want to talk sales, the Cadillac Deville/DTS is still the biggest selling luxury car in the US. Another thing I want to mention is this 'so-called' quality difference between american, and german/japanese cars. Imports are NOT invincible machines. I had the oppurtunity to drive a 2001 Lexus on multiple occasions some time back, and guess what. It had the same leather creaks over bumps that my 91 has. Now, it definately had a great ride, as good as my 91 but way tighter, without the 'floatiness' of my larger car. Not bad, considering it's 12 years newer. Not impressed yet. Railroad tracks were not completely absorbed. I got into this car expecting some kind of miracle machine, considering the so-called reputation the japanese have. Didn't happen. It was a car. A very NICE car. But still a car, subject to physics. The interior was very nice. Things that DID impress me: the engine was transparent at idle. A powerful V8 with not a shimmy, nor shake to be felt. And punching that baby continued the transparency, it was liquid in nature. But then, that's comparing it to an 80's OHV design, not a modern OHC design with VVT. It had electric power steering. This was kind of cool, because you could be at a complete stop, and turn the wheel all the way either way, and not have the engine bog down, nor feel any vibration at all. But this also led to somewhat 'numb' feeling steering, similar to that in a Town Car. But, for the $550 I paid for my 16 year old Deville, there's no comparison. For the price difference of $30k US between that of an 07 DTS and an 07 Lexus, there's no comparison. You want to talk reliability? My 91 Deville has 225k miles on it, and still retains its original exhaust system front to back, AND factory original ball joints. Is that not reliable? Oh yeah, I also drove a 'newer' 3 series with a manual, same things apply, it rode like a Tempo, the shifter had broken off, but it DID have a smooth as butter engine.