: SPEED GT Sebring meet

The Tony Show
01-25-07, 09:15 AM
Okay, I'm starting this waaayyyy in advance so we have time to arrange it.

Friday March 16th is the tentative date for Round One of the SPEED GT races at Sebring. I'll be there along with my V, and I want to get as many Florida V owners as we can together so we can do something special.

For the debut of the car a few years back, my Cadillac rep secured area dealers a luxury suite above the start/finish line, garage access to meet the drivers and designated parking. While they aren't doing anything for us Dealers (as of yet), I think if we can get a good number of V owners to attend that I could pull a few strings and get us something special, be it reserved parking, Paddock access, etc...

Sign your name here if you think you may be able to go. Once I've got a bunch of confirmed people, I can get to work on my factory rep.

01-25-07, 08:17 PM
I'll be at Sebring. V parking would be great. Maybe the vette boys would give us a corner of their corral. We've got the right motor.

The Tony Show
02-05-07, 10:44 AM
Bumpitty bumpz

02-05-07, 01:03 PM
i can go for now. that day is my b-day so it would be great.

Black Sunshine
02-05-07, 02:42 PM
Got it posted in the Daytimer. Should be doable.

02-05-07, 09:52 PM
Count me in!! - (We already have space #28 - Ulmann Hospitality Straight, for the motorhome.) Worst comes to worse - That space is 50ft X 50ft; the coach takes approx 10' X 42', so we could set up a mini corral, with flags etc. Anyone have access to a nice big Cadillac flag! We have the flag pole!!:crowded: It's a start if we can't swing anything else, don't ya know!!:D

02-06-07, 10:11 AM
anyone have prices to get in this thing? Parking, race, etc

The Tony Show
02-06-07, 10:49 AM
This is kind of retarded that I'm just now remembering this, but my son is due to be born on the 11th, so my participation is based largely on when he comes. If he's a little early, it's all good. If he isn't born yet though, I don't want to be 3 hours away when the wife goes into labor.

I do hope to eventually get laid again at some point after he's born, so not being there would be a baaaaad idea.

I know it's ridiculous that I'd come up with the idea and then not post, but even if I miss it at least I helped organize a meet!

02-06-07, 04:12 PM
You know Tony, the Navy addressed this situation quite some time ago - Namely, they recognize the need for your presence at the laying of the keel, but not the necessity for the launching!!:cool2: If sure if you point this out to your wife, she will understand:duck: Let us know how the discussion goes, and when they will let you have visitors in the ICU.

03-01-07, 01:04 PM
i will be there!!
will we be meeting up b4 and driving together?

03-01-07, 04:21 PM
I am so jealous of you guys. I wanted to go to the race at Watkins Glen, NY in June but I'll be in Montreal for the Grand Prix du Canada. I couldn't believe it was the same weekend. My only other option is driving to Atlanta in Oct and attending the Road Atlanta race.

The Tony Show
03-15-07, 02:48 PM
Well, I'll be there, along with DirtyBird from the other forum, and someone else from here with a Katech V whose screenname escapes me at the moment. If any of you guys want to meet up to ride in together, I'll be leaving from Leesburg (North of Orlando). Call my cell.

Nothing special lined up since I only got one call, but if anyone else here is at the race then call my cell so we can meet up and have a beer. My cell # is on my homepage.

Go Andy and Lawson!