: Do all LT1 starters sound funny?

Old Fleetwood
01-24-07, 08:26 PM
Ever since I got my 1995 FWB in June of 2006, I have noticed that the starter sounds like the battery is on its last legs.
>I have had the battery (DieHard) Load-checked
>The car has NEVER failed to start even when hot, cold or when the temperature has been 10 degrees overnight for a first thing in the morning start.
Yet the starter makes a fast initial turn, then a VERY SLOW turn then a fast turn and the motor catches just fine.
I see that Elias got a Corvette starter and I also see that JEG'S has a couple of high performance starter replacements and wonder if I am getting notice that my own starter is on its last legs.

01-25-07, 12:45 PM
Bolts through starter dirty/corroded (bad ground)??? Corrosion under power terminals to starter?
Sounds like the starter is not pulling enough amps to itself, since the battery checked out ok.

www.innovativewiring.com makes thicker battery cables for our cars, and I think one of them is a starter cable.

Old Fleetwood
01-25-07, 10:11 PM
Thanx. Will Check that out.
Already got the Innovative Wiring kits, both for the heavier starter wiring and the headlights, too, but never got around to installing them and then simply forgot about them.
(they sit beside me at the back of the bottom drawer of the left side filing cabinet here in the den, fercripesakes!) :thepan:

01-27-07, 06:17 PM
The stock LT1 starter is a PG260, which is the new Plantary Gear starter with a 4.4:1 or so gear reduction (I have to confirm what it is). The old 5MT is not a gear reduction starter and does sound significantly different that the PG260's.

Old Fleetwood
01-27-07, 07:47 PM
Many thanks for that.
It's interesting that GM found a way for a reduction gear starter that didn't make the weird sound that early Mopar starters did with that characteristic meow-meow-meow sound.
And my FWB certainly never did sound like it had a reduction gear starter from the first day I had it.
Further, I've been looking at the H-D (geared) starters in the JEG'S catalogs and wonder if they would do a better job of spinning the LT-1, anyway. Maybe even better than Elias's Corvette starter does with his LT-1.

01-27-07, 08:29 PM
I think the old 5MT can be installed in place of the PG260, but I don't recommend it with 10:1 compression!

08-05-07, 12:12 AM
Let me update and correct my post.

1993-1995 LT1's, B, D, and F body use the PG250 starter stock.
1996 LT1's, B, D, and F Body use the PG260 starter stock.

The PG250 was very difficult to rebuild and tossed in favor of the PG260, which has a slightly better gear ratio (4.4 vs 4.0) and that gives it a bit more power (1.4kW vs 1.7kW). Note my PG250 is still in my car after 229K miles. Can't argue with it....

When you are in the starter market, replace your 1993-1995 LT1 starter with a 1996-1997 LT1 B, D or F Body starter.

Some upgrade to the "Y" body starter, but I think the PG260 is a better overall starter, there are LOTS more of them and they are pretty darn durable. They can spin my 454 with ease. Works for me....