: Engine Cover question

Ross DeVore
01-24-07, 05:12 PM
Has anyone modified the stock CTS-V engine cover to work with a Maggie? I thought I saw a photo of one a few years ago but can't find it now. Anybody try to do it? Any thoughts?


01-24-07, 09:45 PM
I cannot recall anyone modifying the stock cover to fit with a Maggie-Don't think much of the cover would be left once you lost the middle 8+/- inches. There are many who have modified FRCs to make them fit, this is what you may have viewed. Rick/Stealth V used to sell these, but not sure if he still does. You can always be the first, which usually means headaches, cost overruns and a "I thought/told you so" from the wifey. Good luck.