: Radio Replacement

01-24-07, 04:58 AM
I went to a dealership and they said I need a new radio. My orignal compliant was my CD changer was not working. They ordered the radio I had a XM bracket mount on the radio in between the service call. The installer shop used screws to mount the radio they cause no damage but now the dealership said the third party vendor will not except the radio because of the two small hole in the plastic face the company is SPECHO. I do not want pay a 1000 for a refurbished radio that may fix my CD player! Are there any aftermarket radios and how can I keep the cars computer?

01-24-07, 08:48 AM
You might want to try corvetteradios.com. I know in the past they have had OEM BOSE and non BOSE Cadillac radios. Perhaps try calling them on the the number listed on their website. Good luck.