: best tires for the V

01-24-07, 01:20 AM
How do you figure out when your old stock tires are bad and what are the best new tires for sunny mostly dry driving

01-24-07, 02:03 AM
Good Q
I was thinking about Yokohama advan neova's
Good warm weather would be the only time when the V will go out so all season or wet traction is a non issue

01-24-07, 05:46 AM
Check the wear bars. Once they are flat with the tread, it's time to start thinking about getting some new tires (I personally waitied untill there was almost no tread, but driving in the rain is real dicey then.)

I just changed to Falken Azenis rt615's. I haven;t driven them in the 'summer' yet, but they are tacky to the touch, and turn in seems nearly the same as the F1SC's. Treadwear is 200. I went with 275/35 - 245/40 combo, $750 + shipping from edgeracing.


01-24-07, 08:42 AM
No questions asked, for best dry traction and handling, stick with the F1s.

01-24-07, 02:34 PM
No questions asked, for best dry traction and handling, stick with the F1s.

I agree for pure dry traction and handling I'd stay with F1's. Since I live in MI where it isn't always dry and I have an aditional criteria of cost/life, I went with Falken Azenis RT-615's (and have previously had S-03 Pole Positions). I really like the RT-615's and will buy again. $160ea shipped from tires4less on ebay.

01-24-07, 02:47 PM
Michelin PS2

01-24-07, 03:42 PM
:werd: None better, which is how Michelin justifies the price. Some V owners claim 25+K miles, which makes the cost more palatable. I am on my second set and have never had any problems.

01-24-07, 04:17 PM
BigJim knows his tires. Ask him. :D

Personally, I love the Falkens, both sidewall stiffness and price. I'm strongly considering, however, going back to runflats, but not the F1s--too expensive and horrible life.

01-24-07, 05:59 PM
Michelin PS2

i have to agree... had the bfs and they were good for traction, but sidewall flex was downright bad...
liked the runflats that it came with, but every 8k for a change of shoes? nuh uh... i love the ps2's that i got recently... love em... good traction in the cold and wet, and railing corners is so much easier to control.

01-24-07, 09:27 PM
PS2's are good but way expensive. RT615's are the bomb especially at $160