: Arizona Car Culture Tailgate...check this out

01-23-07, 06:17 PM

A bunch of us wanted to get together with all types of people, cars and enthusiasts this Saturday in Tempe, Arizona. Were going to meet at ASU LOT 59...If you can make it swing by and check it out...it's pretty underground so if we get chased off we may have to roll somewhere else...should be fun though!

I hope we get some CTS-V's to represent...I know I will!

01-23-07, 08:55 PM
How underground can it be if it's posted on a forum?

It's a little far for me though....

01-23-07, 09:13 PM
Guess it’s not necessarily underground…just a couple of industry guys trying to create some excitement in the area…nothing sanctioned, no money spent. More of a meet and greet, seems like random gatherings of automotive enthusiasts have decreased…at least in AZ. And being an ex river runner, mini-trucker, in my younger days, figured it wouldn’t hurt trying to revitalize the spirit. Just trying to do something…I grew up doing this stuff and it’s still fun…In my opinion.