: First Problem Need Some Help

01-20-07, 04:18 PM
Service Monitor flashed on me and the Tire Pressure Icon started flashing and then stayed lit. Looked this up in the manual and it says it is a TPS malfunction.

I figured I would try and reset all the sensors in hopes that would fix it but I cannot get it to work like the manual describes.

Push in the parking brake...
Switch Egnition button to ACC...
Press VOB Door Lock then Unlock...
Hold Lock and Unlock at same time 1 horn chirp should occur...

I get 2 horn chirps instead of one and no matter how much air is let out or added I never get the chirp that the first sensor is done.

Wanted to check with you guys in hopes I could avoid taking it in :)

Also how much air are you guys putting in your tires? Right now I have 33psi in all 4 with the tires and weather cold.

01-21-07, 11:10 AM
Sorry, I have not had any problems with the sensors, so I have not messed with them.

Air pressure, check the door. Fronts require less pressure than the backs, I think mine are 33 rear 29 front.