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01-20-07, 12:38 PM
Car has the Bose system and NO ONSTAR.

I bought the 99-2005 and the GMOS-06. My GMOS-06 came with 2 sets of RCA inputs (Front and Rear), most of the pics look like there's only one set, not sure if this matters.

My aftermarket HU is a Sony CDX-F5700. It has 3 sets of RCA outputs (front, rear and sub). I removed the Bose HU and began wiring the GMOS-06.

The GMOS-06 had a Yellow wire to provide constant power to my Sony HU, but I taped it off and ran a line straight to the battery as recommended by this forum. 24 hours later I don't have a dead battery and the car starts so I guess that was right. :)

My 1st problem was with the Amp wire (Blue). The GMOS-06 wanted me to pass the Amp wire through it to my (separate) sub-amp AND had an additional wire coming from the big (32 pin) connector to connect to my HU's Amp wire as well.

I NEVER touched any of the Bose speaker wiring. I ran a separate set of RCA cables from my HU (along with power, ground and the blue Amp wire) to the trunk for the Amp and subs.

When I tested my install the Blue line at the amp had no power, thus no amp. :mad:

After a few tests, i removed the GMOS-06 from the equation and connected the Amp wire from my HU to my amp and the 32 pin connector that goes to the car's wiring. :hmm:

Now the stereo and amp work great. Everything sounds awesome. As best I can tell everything in the car is functioning.

My steering controls for the stereo no longer work (vol and scan) - no function whatsoever. No big deal, but I thought they were supposed to.

What impact if any did bypassing the GMOS-06 with the Amp (blue) wire have?



01-21-07, 09:12 PM
this blue amp wire used to run the CARS amp or an aftermarket amp never really specify...