: Interested in Indash Nav System

01-19-07, 08:09 PM
Just bought a 2002 Cadillac Seville SLS. Would love install an Indash Navigation System that would fit (w/ following features bluetooth, realtime traffic).

I am not sure whether there is a satellite radio in there or not already. I kind of think there might be a satellite antenna already on outside of car (not sure). Current system in car is a Bose AM/FM system with one CD and casette. Would still want the voice prompts, Onstar, and steering wheel control buttons to still work.

Any advice on a system that would fit into the dash and be compatible with the '02 Seville SLS? Thanks in advance for any advice and help given. Car is really pretty. Would like a navigation system and the indash would continue to make the car look sleek.