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01-19-07, 04:12 PM
Ok, today I was about to embark on a road trip for the weekend. I started my car up and it started pissing out transmission fluid. It's basically running the fluid out of the car. From what I can see it is running from in the area where the torque convertor and back seal. I had been getting the torque converter code on the dash. My gas mileage had dropped too. Is there any ideas. To add to that, there seems to be a white substance in the transmission fluid after it ran out for a while. It also only runs out when running. Any ideas?

Cad tech
01-19-07, 04:25 PM
What trans? Vehicle? year? that can help..

01-19-07, 04:30 PM
1994 Cadillac SLS. I'm not sure about the tranny that it has. It's the Y vin model. Has the N* motor. That's about all the info I have.

Cad tech
01-19-07, 04:34 PM
K thats a 4T80E, check your tansmission cooler lines, did someone do a water pump in it lately or radiator???make sure lower cooler line not getting hit by fan....

01-19-07, 04:44 PM
I checked my lines that was my first assumption. It's coming out between the bell housing and the motor seems like it. I mean it's just pumping it out. I figured it to be a blown seal or something, but how does something like that happen overnight? I parked it and it was fine. I started it this morning and gushing fluid.

Cad tech
01-19-07, 04:51 PM
not really can see a high line pressure can blow out drive support seal but over night highly unlikely what code is in it????

01-19-07, 05:12 PM
Ammoco Transmission is suppose to come pick it up Monday morning. It had the right amount of fluid in it. If not mistaken it's P039 which is slipping torque converter code or solenoid? It had started to act up a lot though. Slipping in and out of overdrive. I'm probably gone let them fix that too. They're thinking the trans might be damaged and they are talking about rebuilding it. I doubt that. These tranny just don't die out like that. That is my last option. It pulls fine except for the slippage in the torque converter which gives you higher revs and etc. Shifts smoothly and everything. I'm stomped. If I wasn't in college, I'd start tearing it down now, but I have no time and no where to do it vs. being home. I want to know what caused that blown seal. That's my best guess. What do you think?

Cad tech
01-19-07, 06:50 PM
if you had a signal or power spike to the pressure control solinoid it could cause it. or just a malfunctioning PCS can cause it, seen it once but all it did was blow a cooler line and lodge a checkball into channel plate..Can you get it cleaned up and refilled, take out airbox and start it up and really dig in an see exactly where that leak is coing from..the reason being unless your tourque convertor seal is theally that bad there is nowhere else it can leak from barring crack in case or tourque convertor...so I am very curious, it could be squirting from a line that way and making it seem like that is where it is coming from, resist driving it though you dont need a o/h right now(but with year)......

01-19-07, 08:13 PM
oh i doubt it'll there will be any driving this weekend. i moved it from the place that it was sitting and put in a better place near my dorm. there isn't an ounce of fluid in it right now. i really can't hold off driving it though once i get this fixed though. i got a friend in atlanta, and an internship with the united states forest service in the summer, plus i stay 4hrs away from home. I'm gone tear her down a little bit in the morning. I'm still gone get that solenoid problem delt with, but ummm lets hopes it's just a line.

01-20-07, 01:18 AM
Ammco Transmission is suppose to come pick it up Monday morning. Oh no! Not AAMCO!! :banghead: I would definitly call and cancel the AAMCO pickup. Numerous members have had serious issues with them. In a nutshell AAMCO does not mandate that their techs be ATRA certified (automatic transaxle rebuilders association). This means Joe who works the night shift at your local Mcdonalds could also be working at AAMCO in the daytime. Not exactly who you want rebuilding your Tranny (him...I think this part goes here :hmm: :bonkers: ). Search the forum for AAMCO and read some of the horror stories..especially by Danbuc!

Also I might add that it sounds like a crack in the case, possibly caused by the extremely cold temperatures the US has been experiancing lately??

01-20-07, 07:33 PM
I appreciate the heads up. I know the boys at this AAMCO here in Huntsville, AL. My friend got a 03 Cobra Mustang, and he just got them to drop that new big Ford tranny in his and it's still going. I never trust any mechanic truly because I tend to work on my car on my own, but since school has started back i can't at least pull the tranny myself and have a friend of the family rebuild the whole damn thing for the hell of it. I mean also if I mess up who is to blame but me.

It appears she might've been leaking tranny fluid or blowing it out. Hopefully it had been just a tad overfilled in it's past owner's life.

Thing is I don't let shops shove it up mines. I had a friend who paid a shop 150 dollars and all they did was put new battery cables on his car. I know one thing is that my tranny doesn't need rebuilding. The fluid is pink not brown and cannot see any metal shavings in it.

Also, I still don't get any codes except that TCC code. Before it leaked out all the fluid it was shifting just fine.

One thing I would like to get fixed is the solenoid problem. How do I go about that?

Cad tech
01-20-07, 07:56 PM
most likely it is a TCC solinoid, turbine shaft and both turbine shaft seals in case cover and tourque convetor O-ring. Check the bearing in tourqe convertor and either get it rebuilt or get a higher stall rate.....

01-21-07, 01:05 AM
Will do so. I'll keep you guys updated to when I find out what the hell went wrong for it to start pissing Tranny fluid.

01-22-07, 05:47 PM
Blown front seal in the pump is diagnosis.

Cad tech
01-22-07, 09:07 PM
no pump there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all three pumps inside more...tourque convertor seal???

01-25-07, 01:38 AM
no pump there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double A................................................ MCO

01-25-07, 11:34 AM
Well I know one thing for sure now. I got a chance to look inside the transmission. From working on the John Deere hydrostatic tractor transmissions. It needs rebuilding. Clutches are burnt pretty badly. You can see the burn spots. Fluid is brown. Metal deposits on the magnets and also in the filter. Smells a little burnt too....lol. That transmission is a trooper though. That damn thing is like a tank. It took me and my old lady across five states, back across one, and lasted a week when it was time to come back to school. Plus numerous trips to Atlanta to spend time with her.

My overdrive was completely gone in this thing. I guess the fluid was pink because it had been always leaking. I always noticed it leaked some, but I just kept fluid in it. I've almost put 20,000 highway miles on it since last April. That brings the total to a little under 132,000 miles.

Maybe I can get back up 28 and 30 mpg now....lol. I had went down to like 19 mpg and sometime 16 mpg. I knew it couldn't be emission because I keep all that cleaned up pretty nicely.

Funny thing is that there are three Northstar Cadillacs in there on the racks being serviced. One broke one of the solenoids off and it eventually messed up the whole tranny from what they're saying.

I think mines had just seen better days.

01-25-07, 09:43 PM
Please bear with me here :cookoo: LOL

Years back had a problem with a Dodge Spirit.
Would get off the highway and wouldnt shift out of 2nd. Or 1st. Cant recall.
Tranny shop did some kind of half-assed rebuild. Bad selinoid or something.

Eventually did it again...and again...and again.
Eventually had all the selinoids replaced. New one was fine, but the next in line was old so it went, and also killed the new one, and etc....
So replace one. then replace 2, then replace 3 etc......

So things were going ok for a while, but had this clunk when pulling out of a parking spot while turning. Forward or reverse.

Took it to a different shop.
Said it was front struts. Had them replaced. Pulled out of the parking spot and CLUNK !!!!!

Said it was the short shaft on the passenger side into the tourx converter.
Had it replaced.
Clunk gone.

Drove it for a couple days. Took it to work on the weekend. Looked out the bay door at break and saw a huge puddle of fluid under it.

So it can happen that fast.

The seals (whatever) had gone where the shaft goes into the tourx converter.
Was told wrong seals, wrong shaft, all the etc. BS.

Think they changed the shaft again.

All was good for the short time I still had the car. Sold it to a friend for $200. Told him the whole history and he was more than welcome to take my 200 LOL.

So he gave me 200 and took it to a friend of his. Told him the history and he went over it.
Turned out the trans cooler line was plugged.

Replaced the line and the car ran for years. A few trips back and forth from Ont and Nfld even.

All the result of a plugged trans cooler line.
If the initial diagnosis included WHY the selinoid/s where frying then it would have saved alot of headache.

Should mention that the vehicle had a tendancy to run hot before it decided to stick in 2nd.
But as long as I was cruisin in a higher gear all seemed fine. Wasnt till slowed and shifted down when hot that it stuck.

But yes it can go overnight. Is possible that it actually released its fluid after parking and the overheated fluid stopped flowing and settled. Then cooked the seals and let loose.

Hope yous get what I was sayin there. And hope it can help.
And I concurr. Dont take it to AAMCO.

Good luck. :thumbsup:

02-27-07, 01:44 PM
I let a friend of the family repair the car. It's running good and has made a few highway trips and it seems to be running fine. Thanks guys for all of your advice. Seems to me my transmission might have been weak when I bought my car because it pull so much stronger than it use to.