: Olds 442 / Caddy 307 info

01-19-07, 03:04 PM
This from and Oldsmobile 442 site

The '84 and '85 442 carbs differ by only that one digit, 17084554 vs 17085554 (which usually denotes the year of the carb). In fact, the carb book lists all VIN (9) carbs as "Cutlass-Hurst", from '83 through '87. So see, they even reused the ASCII code for the manuals... ;)

The '86-'87 VIN (9) 442 motors were substantially revised, and the carb number reflects it: 17086009 (at this point, the Q-jet was in its golden years, and they didn't even bother changing the numbers for the years anymore, so there was no "17087009" carb).

The regular VIN (Y) 307 carb # for the '86-'88 Cutlass was 17086008.

The last year for the Q-jet was 1990, on the 307 in the RWD wagons and RWD Cadillacs. Most of these used carb # 17088115 (yes, same carb as used on these since 1988), but there was one exception which will be of interest to Olds 442 experts:

Though the VIN (9) 307 was last installed in the Cutlass in the '87 442 with carb #17086009, the same number carb, and the same VIN (9) 307 was then installed in the '88 "Fleetwood HO" (a Hurst/Olds Fleetwood? ;) and the '89-'90 Cadillac Brougham. So, the 442 motor lived on until the bitter end in the Cadillac.Just something to file away for twenty-years down the road, when those '86-'87 442 restorers are looking for matching-number carbs, they'll also find them in '88-'90 hearses.

[ Thanks to Matthew Mayer, Mike Rothe, Bob Barry for this information ]

01-19-07, 04:19 PM
But would any 1990 Cadillac Hearses have the carburated motor? I thought all coach packages in '90 had the Chevy EFI 350.

01-20-07, 11:53 PM
There is still question if the 86-90 "9" 307 really ever had the 180 hp that it was supposed to. The larger cam in it would be better suited for the shorter gears those cars likely had.

A set of 4.10's and the 442 cam, some free flowing exhaust, some 84 Hurst Olds heads or some older 5a (not 5A) heads and a revised PCM program would make a nice running 307!