: Alternative for '93-96 Fleetwood rear air suspension

01-18-07, 09:21 PM
Does your rear air suspension in your 1993-1996 Fleetwood deflate when you turn it off?

Does you air compressor kick in every 30 minutes?

Does your the rear of your Fleetwood sit high?

Well I have the solution for you!!

I got rid of my air shocks and compressor a long time ago.. but fast forward to yesterday: I took out the Impala SS springs I have in the rear. The SS springs are not heavy duty enough for the rear of the Fleetwood. If I carried any rear passengers, or put anything with some weight in the trunk, I would bottom out or rub the Borla exhaust tips.

So.. I bought a set of new heavy duty 9C1 Caprice springs and put them in the back. Matched with the Bilsteins, UMI control arms, & Hotchkis bars.. the car is perfect now. It is a good height in the rear and they are much smoother than the SS springs.

So my combination of SS springs/Bilsteins in the front paired with 9C1 springs/Bilsteins in the rear worked out great.

FYI, these springs are found at AutoZone under Impala SS Heavy duty springs.

Take care,
Elias :cool:

01-18-07, 09:33 PM
Yep, just like I said in the SS thread, I think you've helped me decide on a choice for my car--but those all around, combined with Bilsteins, airlifts to the stock compressor for extra loads still, and then thicker OEM bars.

For the research I've done, I think that would put me and this car where I ideally want it. Stock height (perfect for me), but firm it up to touring level, take corners a bit sharper, and kill the float.

If it's something I can get accomplished before another decade (hah!), then maybe even some of the pretty fresh feeling stock bits currently on the car can go to the '93 with it's more worn float and sagging rear with toasted air shocks (though still going on 3.5 years with it sitting outside running every 5-10 minutes).

01-18-07, 10:33 PM
Better springs make such a difference. I had the shop give me heavy-duty towing springs when I got new shocks last spring. The rear of the car is 3 inches higher than it used to be, and it looks and rides much better.

01-18-07, 11:27 PM
So true. Actually, right now, I think some suspension parts have to have been replaced on my '95 with 123k because it rides and handles very much like I would expect as new, it's just that I'm not a huge fan of that FE1 sloshiness, new or old. Hence, why if I can get this done, I'd still keep the parts for the '93 which is a lot more worn.

01-20-07, 03:59 PM
I thought I read that the 9C1 and SS springs had the same spring rate and the only difference was the ride height?

01-20-07, 11:58 PM
My compressor has been out for a couple weeks now, ride height is tolerable, but I sure wish it was stiffer in back. Maybe time to toss in a set of 9C1 springs....

Rick James
04-11-12, 01:43 PM
Just bringing this thread to the top as I have seen a few people asking about such things.