: UPDATE on Coilovers...

01-18-07, 04:24 PM

I dropped off my V at my Buddy's work today. Before I get into the whole story, I want to make it clear so as to not break any rules that I AM NOT selling the coilovers, I am just passing along information on a new to be released product to benefit the V community.

After talking to my buddy and speaking briefly with the Engineer, the coilovers will allow for double adjustment. As soon as all of the measurements and necessary data are acquired, they will be sent to Germany for prototype development. Once the prototype coilovers are returned to the states, the local Engineer will adjust accordingly. And lastly, when everything is finalized, production models should be available within 2 - 3 months. You will have to contact your local dealer for product cost etc.

Some of you guys may know the company, it is KW Automotive. They are very big in Europe and have won many many races with their products.

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01-18-07, 07:42 PM
:2thumbs: Good info... keep us posted!!

It looks like it'll be the KW coilover 'Variant 3'... that's the double adjustable shocks.

Pricing for the vette for those coilovers is $2650... so i'd guess pricing for the V would be similar +/-. Much cheaper than the Penske coilovers!

01-18-07, 10:01 PM
Wow, I didn't know the price of the Penske set-up. I will check with my buddy to see if in fact it will be the variant 3. As much as I love the car, if the new set-up sharpens up the handling so it is more like a C5 Z06, then I will be one very happy camper. I used to have a Grand Sport coupe, sold it, thought I would buy a C5 Z06 because of the incredible handling, but later opted for the V.


01-20-07, 02:32 AM
Are they going to keep the rear springs in the stock location or make a true coil over?