: 1999 300 sts engine in a 97 deville

01-18-07, 07:30 AM
please i'll take help from anyone on this one:eek: , A friend of mine wrecked his cadi SLS or STS i know its a 1999 4.3 northstar front wheel drive 300 hp engine with 70,000 miles on it , my question is besides changing the camshafts(what i dont want to do! can u say 300hp) what can i do to make this engine work in my 97 deville,i was told by an mechanic i could change the engine ecm and that should be all that i need,then i was told that the cadillac have about 5 ecm systems in the entire car. can somebody help me make this work????? If i only need to change the ecm could you tell me where is it located, Anyone have a good cadillac repair shop in west palm beach florida that would do a engine swap THANKS :alchi:

01-18-07, 12:59 PM
It is very involved in that the PCM is different for the 275hp and 300hp motor AND the transmission is different (different final drive ratios). Getting the various computer systems to work with the different motor wouldn't be worth the trouble in my book. And, the Northstar is a 4.6 liter engine.

01-19-07, 07:27 AM
thank you for info, you are correct 4.6 i stand corrected i was thinking about my 4.3 vortec s10....anyone wanna buy a 97 deville mint condition?